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Barney the Dinosaur has actually been taking up some really unexpected side projects.

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Vice has revealed in a new article that David Joyner, that donned the violet dino suit on the children’s TV collection “Barney & Friends” indigenous 1991 come 2001, has turned come the tantric sex and massage service for his second career.

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Joyner supposedly serves 30 clients, supplying $350 sessions the last in between three and four hours, and also can encompass actual sex.

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Though his brand-new line of work-related seems very far from his work on the PBS youngsters show, Joyner said Vice, “The power I lugged up in the costume is based upon the structure of tantra, which is love.”

“Everything stems, grows, and evolves indigenous love,” Joyner continued. “Even when you have actually emotionally clogged energy, the best method to remove it is to remove it with love, and also then replace it through God’s divine love. Love heals and enables you to continue to grow.”

“Before I obtained into the costume, I would pray and ask God to allow his loving divine spirit to circulation through me v the costume and let that draw the kids. That energy would constantly draw them in,” Joyner said of his physical performance (another gibbs did Barney’s voice). “Children are an ext connected spiritually than . A most times once I watch infants and also I’m the end and about at the grocery keep or whatever, they begin staring at me. Ns make the joke, ‘You recognize who i am.’”

One that Joyner’s clients told Vice that their tantric sex sessions were a “spiritual awakening” because that her.

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“David was eccentric and also wonderful and into points that ns wouldn’t have actually been privy to given my age at the time,” claimed 39-year-old Leah Montes, who played the personality Luci on “Barney & Friends” from age 9 to 15. “He to be a normal, funny, yes, really energetic, and happy guy.”

“I always said that was never ever an accident, and that i was intended to carry out this character,” Joyner called Vice, “because a many the elements of Barney were a the majority of the points I was training with in tantra.”