I will constantly thank the Lord;I will never stop praising him.2 I will certainly praise him for what he has actually done;may all who are oppressed listen and be glad!3 Proclaim v me the Lord"sgreatness;let united state praise his surname together!
4 ns prayed to the Lord,and he answered me;he freed me from all my fears.5 The oppressed look to him and are glad;they will never be disappointed.6 The helpless speak to to him, and he answers;he saves them from all their troubles.

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Hello!Part of the factor I do this blog is that ns truly reap what I article here...and while ns love to understand others perform as well...italso makes it straightforward for me to store track of artists and also songs, and scripture etc, the speak to my heart and lift and encourage me.---------------------------Last September I developed a postfor a video ofThe heart Stirrerssinging Lord, mental Me...and have delighted in watching the video over and over again.At the end, YouTube offers suggestions of similar songs and just by possibility I clicked ~ above a live video clip of Willie financial institutions performing lord I understand You to be So Good, and was letting the play while I operated on other things.
There is a slow build up wherein Willie and his tape (the Messengers) vamp about God"s Hand in your lives. And then at around three minutes andfifteen seconds in they jump right into the song.If girlfriend love this sort of music, together I do, it"s a strong pay-off and also you have the right to feel that lift your heart immediately. It certainly made me prevent what i was doing! :)(Of course if you desire to zip ahead to the point...I"m certain it"ll make you feel simply as good)----------------------------A bit of info abut Willie"s career and lyrics to the song are below the video.Hope Willie and the Messenger"s music Blesses you!
"Willie Banks emerged his distinctive bluesy soundduring hisover 30 years career together Gospel Singer, and also Entertainer. At an early stage on, he taped gospel songs such together "God"s Goodness," and"Mother Why", onHoyt Sullivan enterprise (HSE) Records
He later signed come Malaco Records, wherein he tape-recorded a work again, please again of "God"sGoodness," andseveral various other hits, prefer "Things ns Can"t Change,""God Is tho In Charge," "Too Late," and more.
At the time of his fatality fromheart failure in 1993, he was recording and also performing withThe Messengers.
Willie to be aman of difference and numerous think that him in addition to other gospel greats choose Rev. James Cleveland, Clara Ward, MahaliaJackson, thomas Dorsey, sister Rosetta Tharpe, Casietta George (of the Caravans),Dorothy Love Coates,and plenty of others."
Thank friend Lord,Oh, give thanks to you Lord,I want to say thanks to you Jesus,Lord, I recognize you been so good,Lord, I know you to be so good,Over me all night long,Lord, I understand you been so good.

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Let"s sing it again, y"all,Lord, I know you to be so good,Lord, I recognize you been so good,Over me every night long,Lord, I understand you to be so good.
Verse 1Jesus i been dorn in mine life and sometimes I"ve even sinned,But lord Ithank you because that shaking me this morning,And letting me kneel down and pray again,I could"ve to be dead sleeping in my grave,You make old fatality go far this morning andmade that behave,And God you been good, You to be good, You to be good,You"ve been so good to me
Lord I understand you spared mine life,Lord I recognize you spared my life,I could"ve to be dead resting in mine grave,Lord I understand you spared my life,
Jesus you"ve been my mother and also Lord you"ve been my dad too,Out of every one of the troubles and also trials I had in mine life,Without girlfriend Lord ns don"t recognize what I"d do,That"s why I obtained my hand in the winding chain,Oh every work of mine life I"m trusting in her name,And God friend been great , thank you Lord, Jesus, you to be good,You to be good, You to be good,I know you to be so an excellent to meh---------------------------------Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!
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