Origin the No Bones about It

This expression originates from undesirable bones discovered in soup or other species of food.

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Originally, this expression was to find bones in, and also it expected to find difficulties with or to discover objections to. If you found no skeleton in her soup or meal, you had no objections come it.

The origin of this expression is 15th-century England.

Examples the No Bones around It

In the an initial example, 2 employees room talking with each other on your lunch break.

Marcus: They room refusing to give me a progressive this year. It’s claimed to be had in mine contract.

Patsy: Yeah. They go the exact same thing to me, however there’s nothing I deserve to do.

Marcus: Why do you to speak that? i’m going come quit!

Patsy: room you sure? i wish I can quit, however I really require this job, raise or no raise.

Marcus: of course ns sure! regardless of exactly how much I need this job, i can’t enable them come disrespect me like that, do no bones around it!

Patsy: ns admire friend for the attitude!

In the second example, a brothers is make the efforts to to convince his sister the their house has a rodent infestation.

Samson: Angela, we need to contact the exterminator. There room mice life in the house!

Angela: ns don’t think you.

Samson: I’m details that this is true. I have actually seen mice numerous times, I have the right to hear lock in the walls, and I see their droppings almost everywhere the floor.

Angela: Well, perhaps they’ll walk away on their own.

Samson: we can’t just neglect this problem. Mice can spread disease, lock can damage the house, and also they smell negative too. And also make no bones about it; if we don’t carry out anything to protect against this difficulty now, it will certainly only acquire worse.

Angela: Okay. Perform what you have to do. Ns won’t protect against you.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a lawyer expression his certainty that his client didn’t purposefully murder someone.

This excerpt is a quote from someone who wants to emphasize the push she felt.

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The idiom no bones about it means the something is definitely true, beyond any type of doubts, despite it being unpleasant.


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