I have actually the most recent version of Minecraft for the Xbox (v1.2), which enables one to make a chicken farm that won"t despawn after moving too far away. Indigenous my analysis it appears that ~ above the pc you can tempt chickens utilizing either seed or wheat, depending upon the version you are on. I have attempted to usage either come no success. Am I no doing this right, or walk this plot still no exist ~ above the XBOX?



I execute not have actually a straight answer for her question, but based on what ns learned here, reproduction is no yet a part of the Xbox version.

This behaviour (following the player who is holding wheat) appears to stem indigenous breeding, and thus it seems that it is not yet implemented.

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On the pc version you can use seeds however it is no yet feasible on the Xbox variation as breeding has no been implemented yet.


You can. Usage wheat seeds. Host the wheat seeds in your hand and find one then it should follow you. You can then make them breed 2 ways:

Get two chickens and have the wheat seed in her hands. Placed them wherein you want them due to the fact that after having actually a baby, they don"t monitor you. So usage the wheat seeds and also press the LT button. (This put an animal into love mode, do this come both) and also there you have actually a baby.

Get chicken eggs. Throw them at the chickens. (Increases the possibility of a baby coming out)This doesn"t always work, you have an 75% possibility of gaining one.


No chickens carry out not follow you, however their current coding provides them go towards grass and also light. If friend don"t desire to shed them dig a pit or do a fence and get castle in there. If you have an egg you deserve to throw it with LT it has actually a 1/32 possibility of hatching, yet it appears like better chances based upon actual results. Also it has actually a 1/256 of hatching 4 chickens. Simply a warning, the seems favor there is a maximum variety of chickens that have the right to be in a world. I"m not sure how countless exactly, yet it seems to be around 50 give or take a couple. I personally have actually a farm yard of end 30 chickens, and also in that exact same game, ny friend has actually over a5, every done in survival. (Next update animals will follow people holding wheat and you"ll be able to breed them. Likewise you"ll gain spawn eggs in creative mode.)

, i"ve uncovered today exactly how to allow them monitor you , only ADULT chickens follow you as soon as you have actually wheat seeds , then you deserve to make them each other 2 ;)

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