If her Chevy Monte Carlo is shutting under while driving, it’s a genuine safety hazard. Vehicles space a lot more tough to regulate without strength brakes or steering.

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Chevy Monte Carlo turn off Down when Driving: peak Causes

Directly listed below is a list of the most usual reasons why her Monte Carlo would randomly die while driving. That may help you in her diagnosis. But, before taking a look at anything, is the check engine light on? If it is, you’ll desire to start with everything trouble code you acquire from an OBD2 scanner.


Parts stores have the right to scan it for you if girlfriend don’t have access to a scanner. Yet we don’t recommend driving everywhere until your Monte Carlo is fixed, since dying at the dorn time can reason a collision.

1. Out of Fuel

Your engine requirements three points to run properly; air, fuel, and spark. If her engine is running fine and also then it simply suddenly dies, one of these three things was abruptly bring away away. It’s usually fuel.

The most typical reason that a car shuts off once driving is a lack of fuel. The most likely cause is an empty fuel tank aided by a fuel gauge that’s no as precise as the looks. Even if it says there is fuel in there, bang top top the tank. If it renders a hole sound, it’s more than likely empty.

2. Fuel Pump or Filter


Another usual reason that your Monte Carlo might be starving because that fuel is a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump is responsible because that sending highly pressurized fuel to the fuel rails. The engine deserve to die if the fuel push is not high sufficient to effectively atomize the gasoline properly.

The fuel pump is frequently not monitored through the engine’s computer, which method it doesn’t activate the examine engine light once you space trying to figure out why the automobile it is randomly dying. This is the best place come start.

If the engine isn’t starting, turn the key to the on position and listen really carefully. You have to hear a whining noise. That’s the fuel pump priming the fuel system. If girlfriend hear nothing, the is a solid indication that the fuel pump is bad. Because the fuel pump is in the tank, you might want to obtain a 2nd set of ears so you deserve to be absolutely certain you don’t listen it.

If friend don’t hear it in ~ all, you must manually check the fuel press at the fuel rails. If the is no as high together it need to be girlfriend either have actually a poor fuel pump or fuel filter.

The fuel pump might be going the end sporadically. This would average that it’ll die on the road, and then fire ago up again even a couple of seconds later.

3. Battery Cables

Check the battery cables to ensure the they are totally free of debris and also are bolted come the battery posts properly. Follow the black ground cable to everything it is linked to. Make sure that that is secure and also there’s no corrosion or rust that might be maintaining it from making a heavy ground connection.

4. Engine come Chassis Ground

The engine needs a solid ground come the chassis in bespeak for your Monte Carlo’s various electrical systems come work. If the cable is corroded, there can be troubles such as misfiring, slow/no starts, or also the engine dice while driving. This is a common reason of numerous “gremlins”.

5. Poor Alternator


The alternator is responsible because that charging the battery, and keeping her Monte Carlo running. If the alternator goes bad, the vehicle will operation off the the power supply in the battery (which is there mainly for beginning the vehicle and as a back-up reserve).

Once the battery has been depleted, the ignition mechanism will no longer have the ability to fire properly. You need to see either a battery light or alternator light long prior to the engine dies. If friend didn’t check out it, it’s extremely unlikely that the alternator or battery is in ~ fault. If friend did view the warning light, have actually the alternator and battery experiment at the parts store. Change them together needed.

6. Concern With Sensors

The crankshaft and also camshaft sensors space responsible for informing the engine wherein the crank and cam are located in your 360° revolutions. If they avoid reporting this data, even momentarily, the automobile will not know when come fire the spark plugs and also it’ll protect against running.

The massive air flow sensor can likewise go bad. These sensors should trigger a trouble code if they have actually a trouble through.

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Conclusion: Chevy Monte Carlo dice While Driving

In the lack of a examine engine light, take it a great hard look at the fuel pump. If that’s no the issue, us recommend having an competent mechanic take a look at the problem. They’ll should record the telemetry native the OBD2 system when the car does it again. Then, they’ll have the ability to determine which component of the car has the problem. This is a DIY site, we hardly ever throw the end the mechanic recommendation. This can be difficult to track

If there’s anything the you would choose to include that could aid the next person with your Monte Carlo, please leaving a comment below.