Origin of Best Bang for her Buck

Companies regularly use this expression come advertise a product. It way that for the price girlfriend pay, you gain a far better deal. It suggests that the product is superior to others on the industry at a similar price.

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The expression originated about the mid-1900s. It had actually a similar definition to an additional expression, more bounce for your ounce, i beg your pardon Pepsi supplied to advertise their soda.

It originates from the fact that buck is slang because that dollar, or in this idiom, money in general.

Some resources speculate the bang describes fire power, and this idiom very first began as soon as a leader wanted more bombs for much less money. However, other sources state the bang is simply a synonym for excitement.

Examples that Best Bang for her Buck

In this dialogue, a brother and sister are discussing which of two commodities to buy.

Maria: i m sorry laundry detergent do you think is better?

Franco: Hmm. I don’t know. Lock look the very same to me. The price is the same, too.

Maria: This one says that that the ideal bang for your buck. I guess us should gain this one.

Franco: That’s simply a common slogan. Yes no method to know if the true or not.

Maria: Whatever. I’m getting it anyway.

The 2nd example reflects two college students who room complaining your university.

Lorenzo: i can’t think all the dispute going on at our school. I believed that through paying much more to walk to a university, I’d be making a far better investment in mine future. Now I’m no so sure. That seems like the extra money is simply wasted top top useless administration.

Alba: Yeah, i know. I’m beginning to think the a community college would be the best bang for your back. I could transfer come one. Castle are less money, but give you more practical skills.

More Examples

The excerpt listed below is from a gaming product review. The reviewer claims that a certain headset has the finest value.

This instance is about people leaving southern California and moving to Oregon. This is because it is much more expensive to live in the previous than the latter.

For the very same price, a homeowner can have many an ext nice points in Oregon as they could in California.

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The phrase best bang for your buck is an proclaiming slogan which way the best value for this price.