Mortal Kombat: exactly how Dark Kahn Infected the DC Universe through Kombat Rage before the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe video game, a mysterious character infected everyone through Kombat fury in a prequel comic.

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prior to the release of the 2008 crossover video clip game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, DC Comics exit a prequel comic title Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: Beginnings by john Vogel, john Tobias and Crystal Reid, which substantially expanded ~ above the game"s backstory.

The story opens up with a mysterious number named Dark Kahn, who seems to be an amalgamation of Shao Kahn and Darkseid. Initially conflicted v both’s memories, Dark Kahn regains control and also begins to unify the two universes together. Overwhelmed by his very own rage, he sends out the Kombat fury rippling through both worlds, infecting every one of the heroes that DC together with the fighters of Mortal Kombat. The pressure from Dark Kahn causes some the the personalities from each cosmos to vanish from existence, choose Robin and Johnny Cage, if others space transported come the various other world. Together they all start to look for those that vanished and explore their new environments, the insanity of the Kombat rage grows in each of them, bring about them to revolve on every other.

Mortal Kombat v DC world Beginnings
together the story unfolds, an ext characters fall victim to Kombat Rage, which increases the merging between universes. Narrated by Dark Kahn, the heroes and also fighters are distraught by their new surroundings and also confused by their noodles allies. When some personalities are mindful of Dark Kahn’s actions, prefer Raiden and also Shazam, castle too, are distracted by Kombat Rage, giving Dark Kahn the confidence the he cannot be stopped.

With the 2 universes coming to be one, we see Shang Tsung readying his army against Wonder Woman and also the Amazons, along with Superman finding below Zero in the Fortress that Solitude. Though Superman would certainly normally have the ability to incapacitate sub Zero easily, it seems as though Dark Kahn’s existence has weakened the Kryptonian. Even Gotham’s finest finds himself squaring up with Scorpion, each to fill with endless rage.

In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Kombat Rage proceeds to pat a pivotal role in the storyline and gameplay. Once infected through it, all the combatant is may be to watch is your worst enemy. This hallucinations forced allies to revolve on each other without hesitation. Throughout the story it would certainly hop indigenous one personality to another, forcing the player come go with a gauntlet of battles. In the end, the takes Superman and Raiden to destroy Dark Kahn, restoring both of their universes earlier to their initial form.

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Aside from the storyline, Kombat Rage appears in the Arcade mode of the video game together a method to dish out twice the amount of damages in your attacks. The impacts of Kombat Rage also make an appearance in Injustice: Gods among Us throughout Shazam"s finishing in the Arcade Mode. Every one of his friends end up being violent and turn on each other, with their eyes glowing yellow together they walk in the initial game and comic.