Alex dram Sims at this time working on TS4:LE, this blog will serve as a write-up spot because that updates top top that and also some other things as soon as I forget to move to my personal blog. She/They, 23, bisexual. I"m not gonna article updates or i have announced deadlines anymore due to the fact that that"s when life likes to crotch-slap me with bad things and also I lastly have other really an excellent going.
Back in the day, I had originally subscribed to the theorythat Bella was abducted by aliens the were collection on her by the Caliente’s whothen murdered her when she returned, and also so ns went in the video game to do a walkthroughas to exactly how I concerned that theory. That’s when I uncovered that i WAS WAYYYY OFF,there is a whole ass rabbit-hole here, and like a complete Alice, I fell in it.

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And, ~ 16 years of wondering and also imagining various scenarios,I finally found out the truth. Transforms out, us were every wrong, and also the fact hasbeen staring at us in the face the totality time.

Just as a warning, this is an extremely dark and bleak anddepressing. Bella wasn’t dealt a an excellent hand, guys. What occurred to her was allsorts the MESSED up.

Just because that clarity, I carry out base this off of occasions that happenin the main sims storyline, due to the fact that while the game is eventually up to us tolive life together we like, go ahead and do whatever with your game, over there IS a storybeing called here, yet in a way that doesn’t problem with our own cost-free will. It’singenious, really. This goes v the main Sims gamings released for PC and also Mac.However, the console versions do carry out a many of understanding to additional detailsand situations. Particularly the Sims 2 because that PSP, and the Sims 3 for theNintendo DS.

So, an initial off, it has been verified what occurred to her: In2014, Twitter held an AMA for the SimGurus just before the release of the Sims4. Someone asked the complying with question, and SimGuru sarah responded.


Twenty-five years later, she mirrors up in the Sims 1 with herchildhood finest friend and now husband, Mortimer Goth, and also they have actually moved intotheir very own home, and have a daughter, Cassandra. Her in-laws moved out the theirhome in Sunset Valley and also moved into what would later become the Goth house of theSims 2 in the starts of what would be recognized as Pleasantview. Unless you gother a job, she was a housewife, and also she was well-known to be athletic, elegant, andfriendly in the direction of her neighbors. I remember her frequently being the first to comeand to speak hello to any new Sims I’d move into the neighborhood. Her brother,Michael, is also in town, however, there is no acknowledgement of lock beingsiblings. A household tree mechanism didn’t really exist in the Sims 1, and I’m surethey didn’t also think to do them siblings back then, but the reality remainsthat they have no partnership at this suggest in time. The just reason why it’sknown that Cornelia and also Gunther Goth room Mortimer’s parents is due to the fact that itstraight up says so in the bio. That and their names room the same, but anyway.


So, clearly, as soon as Bella was abducted, something go wrong.But what?

Well, why would the aliens also abduct she in the firstplace?

They tend to seek sims who space wealthy, high-skilled,good-looking, popular, anything prefer that. Bella was every one of those things. Shewas the epitome of the perfect center to the aliens. They almost worshipped herand your queen took she name and appearance. (This is referenced severaltimes, specifically in the Sims 3.)

So, if something were to walk wrong, why would certainly the aliensworship her unless she had been being watched for part time prior to herabduction?

And what go wrong that resulted in her to shed her memories,her skills, her personality, she youth, everything?

Aliens likewise do no abduct children, the elderly, and also pregnantsims since their experimentation can go dramatically wrong.

She wasn’t a child, and reversed her age so she wouldn’t p elder for quite some time—

So the just thing that’s left is that she to be pregnant whenshe to be abducted and that to be why things went wrong.

She wouldn’t have known this, and also neither would the aliens—it’spossible the the infant was conceived the day, which aided Bella in the casewhere Don was hitting ~ above her—she wouldn’t walk cheating on Mortimer if she weretrying to rekindle their relationship and also they had made it to woo-hoo the day.

Also precious noting is the there IS one more Goth top top LunarLakes that happens come look specifically like Bella.


Lolita Goth was the wife of Alexander Goth.

Yes, it claims she’s single, which method one of two points happened:

Either she make the efforts repairing the time machine one critical timeafter Alexander vanished and also died,


Like Alexander’s marital relationship to Cecelia, lock didn’t have actually thebest relationship and they ended up acquiring a divorce, then, probably withAlexander quiet around, go the same and died.

She plainly wanted come go ago home to her time and wasn’thappy with Alexander for being stuck there.

And it provides sense the she would have been electrocutedwith the time device because there are no various other objects in the Goth Mansionthat would an outcome in her electrocution.

Which would likewise explain why the Goths the the Sims 3 can’tfigure out that she is. Friend can’t perform a descendent and also their mam on yourfamily tree if lock don’t exist yet, deserve to you?

Tragedy is simply par because that the food in the Goth Family, itmatches your dark and also dreary macabre air. However Bella’s story is just really extrasad. Imagine trying come repair your failed marriage, walking to meet anew neighbor only for that to placed the moves on you there is no invitation, climate getabducted by aliens where their experiments go wrong, leading to you to shed your memories,your personality, your youth, and then you find out the it walk wrong becauseyou’re pregnant, which friend didn’t know around that either, and also yourkidnappers take it a tissue sample native you, and also then drop girlfriend on a strange planetfar from house where you have actually no method to communicate to them the you’re there,but girlfriend don’t mental anyone however your kids anyway, leaving friend to have a babyyou didn’t also know existed when you to be abducted and live simply long enoughto surname her?

The truth has been staring at united state in the face since 2014, butwe all missed it. Me included for the longest time. It’s been 16 years sinceBella walk missing, and also we all had theories and also ideas, but THIS is the truth,and it’s really. Messed up. Yeah, I discovered out what happened to Bella, however do Ilike it? No, no at all. Bella deserved better, and so do her children. Mathildeespecially. She prospered up in one orphanage never understanding she had actually a family members whowould have actually loved she so really much, just to become a mailcarrier on she homeplanet. No that there’s anything wrong v being a mailcarrier, don’t obtain mewrong.

Dina Caliente is innocent, yet seriously? Bye.

Nina Caliente is innocent, and really deserves better.

Don Lothario is innocent, but yet he sucks.

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Mortimer Goth offered to be my favorite the end of the Goth family,yes, even over Bella. Yet after discovering everything around him I have actually mixedfeelings around the guy. I don’t blame the for not trusting Bella, and also I don’tblame him because that wanting to relocate on, yet jeez, at least present a little genuine emotion,Morty, she was your childhood finest friend, and, if nothing else, the mommy ofyour children.