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Answer: Why Can"t the English learn to Speak? that is amazing listening come the different types of dialects in the church. There"s Eliza"s, the Colonel"s, the Professor"s, and the remainder of the civilization standing there, under the "graceful columns."
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Answer: deliciously Eliza comes to Higgins come ask him come teach her suitable English. He responds through this.
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Answer: Four and Six apparently it wasn"t fit for a pig. This information is disclosed during the opened scene when Higgins is taking under her words.
5 at the start of the movie, Eliza is do the efforts to offer some flowers as soon as it"s beginning to rain. What is the quantity of money Eliza states she have the right to change?

Answer: fifty percent a crown Eliza: "Cheer up, captain. Buy a flower off a negative girl?"Col. Pickering: "I"m sorry. I haven"t any kind of change."Eliza: "Oh, I can change half a crown. Here, take it this for tuppence."Col. Pickering: "I called you, I"m awfully sorry. I haven"t -- Oh, wait a minute. Oh, yes. Here"s 3 ha"pence, if that"s any kind of use to you."
6 This song is called "Ascot Gavotte" and also is the track that the attendees sing before the equine races start. Fill in the empty with the correct answer: "Every duke and also earl and also peer is here, anyone who should be here is here. What a wrecking positively __________ spectacle The Ascot opening Day."

Answer: dashing "At the gate space all the horses waiting for the cue to fly away. What a gripping, certain ripping, minute at The Ascot opened Day." George Cukor, the director of this film, to be the earliest winner the a best Director Oscar (Academy Award) once he won because that this film.
7 In the tune "Wouldn"t It it is in Loverly", perform by Audrey Hepburn and sung by Marni Nixon, dubbing Audrey, to fill in the Blanks: "All I desire is a room somewhere. Much away native the cold night air. Through one massive chair. Oh, wouldn"t it be loverly. Many _________for me come ____. Numerous ____ makin" many ______."

Answer: chocolate, eat, coal, warm "Warm face, warmth hands, warm feet. Oh, wouldn"t it be loverly. Oh, so loverly sittin" abso-bloomin"-lutely still. Ns would never budge "til feather crept over the windowsill." Marni Nixon play Sister Sophia in the "Sound the Music", starring Julie Andrews and also Christopher Plummer.
Answer: Audrey Hepburn back Julie andrews was play the part of Eliza Doolittle top top Broadway in ~ the time when this movie was cast, but Audrey Hepburn was cast in the component instead. This was because Audrey was much better known 보다 Julie.
9 Higgins deplores Eliza"s English. What room the words that Higgins states will "keep she in her place"?

Answer: "Aooow and garn" "Its aooow and also garn that store her in she place, not her wretched clothes or dirty face" Higgins sings this in the track "Why Can"t the English". The track is carry out in former of an audience that street traders yet is mainly addressed come Pickering.
10 after Eliza lastly learns exactly how to speak properly, she, the Professor, and the Colonel all sing a song. "The Rain in _____."

Answer: Spain After all that hard work, she ultimately can speak properly. And also the 3 of them must have been hyper as they sang that song. It to be funny, though.
11 "Eliza, you are to stay right here for the following six months finding out to speak beautifully, favor a lady in a florist"s shop. In ~ the end of six months you will be taken to an embassy round in a _____, beautiful dressed. If the king finds out you room not a lady, you will certainly be required to the Tower of London, whereby your head will be reduced off together a warning to other presumptuous flower girls! If you space not uncovered out, friend shall be given a current of... Uh... Seven and also six to start life v in a lady"s shop. If friend refuse this offer, you will be the many ungrateful, wicked girl, and the angels will weep because that you."

Answer: carriage
after Higgins decides come teach Eliza, she decides that perhaps she doesn"t want to be teach after all, for this reason he chases after her and gives her this tiny shpiel to convince her.
12 as soon as Higgins hit the tuning fork, how numerous vowel sound does Pickering hear, and how numerous where over there actually, according to Higgins?

13 to fill in the blank with the correct answer to: where does Professor Higgins say that Coronel Pickering is from? Cheltenham, Harrow, ______________, and India.

Answer: Cambridge Street Man: "Hey, uh, phone call him wherein he comes from, you want to walk fortune telling."Prof. Higgins: "Cheltenham, Harrow, Cambridge and, uh, India?"Col. Pickering: "Quite right!"Street Man: "Blimey, that ain"t a "tec. He"s a bloomin" busybody. That"s what that is."Col. Pickering: "If I might ask, sir, carry out you carry out this kind of point for a life at a music hall?"Prof. Higgins: "Well, I have thought of it. Perhaps I will one day."Eliza: "He"s no gentleman. He ain"t, to interfere v a bad girl!"Col. Pickering: "How do you execute it, might I ask?"Prof. Higgins: "Simple phonetics. The scientific research of speech. That"s my profession. Also my hobby."
14 "Pulses ___________. Deals with flushing. Heartbeats rate up. I have never to be so keyed up. Any 2nd now they"ll start to run. Hark, a bell is ringing they are springing forward. Look, it has begun."

Answer: rushing "What a frenzied minute that was. Didn"t they keep an exhausting pace. "Twas a thrilling, certain chilling, to run of The Ascot opened Race." Rex Harrison is one of a handful of actors and actresses that have shown the same role in Broadway and in film. Among some the the other actors and actresses are: Yul Brenner ("The King and also I"), Humphrey Bogart ("The Petrified Forest"), penis Van Dyke ("Bye bye Birdie"), and Juanita hall ("South Pacific").
15 also from the tune "Wouldn"t It be Loverly", fill in the blanks with the exactly answer: "Someone"s head restin" on ___ _______. Warm and also tender together he deserve to be. That takes great care the me."

Answer: my knee "Oh, wouldn"t it it is in loverly...Loverly...Loverly...Loverly...Loverly. Every I desire is a room somewhere. Much away indigenous the cold night air. With one huge chair. Oh, wouldn"t it be loverly." You kind of think to yourself after city hall this movie a couple of times, if she couldn"t speak English too well, just how come she sang so well? The prize is: it"s a movie. Proceeding with the Marni Nixon trivia, she was in "Sound that Music", i beg your pardon starred Julie Andrews. Julie Andrews play Eliza Doolittle for plenty of years in the Broadway play v Rex Harrison.
Answer: coco "Lots of cacao for me come eat, several coal makin" numerous "eat" These are the things Eliza wishes for.
Answer: Dover This scene always makes me laugh, when she speak the horse to get a relocate on. Never falls short to feeling me.
Answer: small talk Eliza is introduced to Henry"s society friends at Ascot, one of whom is Freddy Enysford-Hill, who is rather smitten with Eliza and also finds her usual slang unit volume charming.
Answer: one shilling apparently one shilling come Eliza is same to 60 or 70 pounds because that a millionaire.
21 What project requires far better English than a duchess at an Embassy Ball, follow to Professor Higgins?

Answer: both Prof. Higgins: "You view this creature through her curbstone English, the English that"ll store her in the gutter "til the end of her days? Well, sir, in 6 months, I might pass she off as a duchess at an Embassy ball. I can even gain her a task as a lady"s maid or a shop assistant...which requires better English."
22 The following song is sung by invoice Shirley, not the actor that played Freddy Eynsford-Hill. The track is dubbed "On the Street wherein you Live". Fill in the empty with the correct answer: "When she mentionedhow her aunt little bit off the spoon, she totally ________________. And also my heart went on a trip to the moon once she told around her father and also the gin."

Answer: excellent me in
"And I never ever saw a more enchanting farce. 보다 the moment when she shouted relocate your bloomin"--" Rex Harrison starred together Julius Caesar in the significant motion snapshot movie done the year prior to "My fair Lady". The movie was called "Cleopatra" and it starred Elizabeth Taylor together Cleopatra and Richard Burton together Marc Anthony. Rex Harrison"s movie contract in "Cleopatra" had actually a i stipulating that whenever Richard Burton"s picture appeared in one ad, so would his.
23 The track "I"m an plain Man" is sung and performed by Rex Harrison. To fill in the blank with the exactly answer: "I"m one ordinary guy who desires nothing an ext than simply __ ___________ opportunity to live exactly as he likes and do exactly what the wants."

Answer: an ordinary "An average man am i of no eccentric whim that likes come live his lifefree of strife doing everything he thinks is ideal for him. Well, just an ordinary man." This is one of my two an individual favorite songs from this movie, and also in both, Rex Harrison sings.
24 What is the name of the man that Henry Higgins meets top top the street in the start of the film?

Answer: Colonel Pickering Wilfrid Hyde-White plays the component of Colonel Pickering. It is Colonel Pickering who pays because that Eliza"s education.

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25 when Eliza walk to check out Higgins what reason does she provide for wanting to learn to speak better English?

Answer: To become a lady in a flower shop Higgins says to Pickering the after he has taught she she can get a task as a ladies" maid but this is no what Eliza wants. She desires to work in a flower shop yet a shop will not take her uneven she learns come speak better English.