Which letter is midway between J and P?

Answer: The letter “m” . J, k, l, “m”, n, o, p.

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Which letter is exactly midway in between H and S in the provided alphabet?

Answer. ➡️H is 8th and also S is 19th so adding up (8+19) which offers (27) i m sorry isn’t many of 2 so choice D is correct.

Which letter is midway between 22nd letter from the left and 21st letter native the right?

Justification: 22nd letter indigenous the left is V. 21st letter from the ideal is F. The letter midway between F and V is N.

What letter is nine letter?

The ninth letter indigenous the ideal is R.

Which letter of the English alphabet is 7th of the best of 13th letter from your left?

From the above collection it is clear the M is the 13th letter native left and to the appropriate of M (13th letter indigenous left), T is the 7th letter.

Which letter is sixteenth to the best of the letter i m sorry is 4th to the left that I?

For e.g. I m sorry letter is 16 to the appropriate of the letter i beg your pardon is 4th to the left of i ? Here, us observe that fourth letter to the left of ns is E and also sixteenth letter to the best of E is U. So, the prize is U.

What ar is l in the alphabet?

Letters in the alphabet:

Letter NumberLetter

Which one will change the concern mark?

Which number will replace the question note ? thus the number 26 will replace the concern mark. Example 2.

What is analogy in reasonable reasoning?

An analogy is a comparison in between two objects, or equipment of objects, the highlights respects in i beg your pardon they are thought to it is in similar. Analogical reasoning is any form of reasoning that relies upon an analogy. Connected topics incorporate metaphor, models in science, and precedent and analogy in legal reasoning.

What is analogous reasoning?

Analogical reasoning or argument by analogy deserve to be identified as a specific way of thinking, based upon the idea that since two or an ext things are similar in part respects, lock are probably also similar in some further respect.

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What space analogous colors supplied for?

Analogous shade schemes usage colors the are beside each various other on the color wheel. Castle usually match well and create serene and also comfortable designs. Analogous shade schemes are often found in nature and are harmonious and pleasing come the eye. Make certain you have enough contrast when selecting an analogous shade scheme.


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