5. The computer stores a regimen while the routine is running, and the data that the routine is working with, in ________.

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6. This is a volatile form of memory the is supplied only for short-term storage while a regime is running.
7. A type of memory that can hold data for lengthy periods that time, also when there is no strength to the computer, is called ________.
8. A component that collects data from world or other devices and also sends it come the computer system is called ______.
14. A collection of 128 numeric password that represent the English letters, various punctuation marks, and other personalities is _________.
15. Considerable encoding scheme that have the right to represent characters for plenty of languages in the civilization is __________.
20. In the _______ component of the fetch-decoded-execute cycle, the CPU determines which procedure it must perform.
The Java is a "hypothetical computer" the is exactually simulated on computer systems today allowing different architectures to execute the same precise instructionstransfer on the internet.

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(T/F): The check instruction performs one implied and also operation in between each pair of matching bits in 2 operands and sets the Sign, Zero, and Parity flags based upon the value assigned to the location operand.


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