NO2 is one organic chemical compound. The chemical name of no2 is nitrogen dioxide.

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What is no2 in chemistry?


nitrogen dioxide is organic chemistry compound through formula (NO2) . The is one form of gaseous air in which in ~ high temperature that is converted to reddish-brown gas. Nitrogen dioxide is component of a team of gaseous air. The is emitted indigenous all mix engines.

the chemical formula the nitrogen dioxide is NO2.

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N – Nitrogen &

O – oxygen

NO2, nitrogen dioxide

NO2, nitrogen dioxide is one type of gas (hot waiting pollution) the are created If nitrogen molecule (N2) and also oxygen molecule (O) is an unified together. You deserve to understand through that reaction, and reaction is,


if you see carefully, climate you observed, nitrogen molecule with Oxygen Molecule are incorporate each other and kind NO2 gas (result is slightly