Miley Cyrus and also Noah Cyrus make rather the musical duo, however they seldom sing together. Together a unique treat, the sister joined forces for a joint power on Miley’s rebooted Backyard Sessions series, and also fans can’t obtain over how comparable their voices are.

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In the performance for MTV Unplugged, the brothers sang Noah’s “I gained So High the I experienced Jesus.” The slow-moving jam is the second song on Noah’s 2020 album THE end OF EVERYTHING.


Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus attend the 2017 MTV video Music Awards on respectable 27, 2017 | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Miley Cyrus and also Noah Cyrus rarely carry out together

Miley and also Noah started out the song in perfect harmony. Lock sang, “I obtained so high the I saw Jesus. He stated it’s every gonna it is in okay. You just need me in her heart. Tennessee Whiskey and love. I acquired so high that I experienced Jesus.” Honestly, the takes a few seconds to figure out i beg your pardon of the sisters is to sing which part.

Noah climate took the first verse, singing, “Yeah, castle talk around the rivers running dry. Exactly how pretty soon there won’t be any type of water left to turn to wine. Like a drunk at the wedding. Blindly raising Armageddon. So, I’ma gain high.” The “Midnight Sky” singer noted some background vocals and also harmonies.

After the chorus repeated, Miley had her first solo. She sang, “Yeah, Joseph shed his project to a machine. And also Mary lost her mind come lines the code. Friend can’t see. And if the angels are the A.I. I’m gonna burn this totality thing down. Well, I’m gonna burn one down right now.”

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Are Miley Cyrus and also Noah Cyrus going to collaborate?

Outside of their voices, pan in the comment section of the YouTube video couldn’t gain over how adorable their huge sister/little sisters dynamic remained in the performance. Some said they were even lugged to tears by the song. Surely, this will only make their fandoms desire a collaboration between the two also more.

Miley has actually done a bunch of above covers in her Backyard Sessions end the years. There’s she memorable rendition that “Jolene” from 2012, and she just covered Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” during the Oct. 16 show. “I gained So High that I experienced Jesus” is a perfect slow jam to add to this roster of covers.

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Noah broke down the definition of the track in one interview with V magazine in March. In spite of its spiritual lyrics, the track isn’t about one particular faith.

“Religion or spirituality can mean numerous different things to plenty of different people,” the 20-year-old star said. “This song is not around or for one religion or id system.”

She continued, “Jesus basically represents a higher understanding and also knowledge that whatever has that is purpose and everything will job-related itself out the means it’s supposed to. Every little thing will it is in OK, so lengthy as we room guided by compassion and community. Both room needed much more than ever right now.”

Clearly, the people of Miley and also Noah Cyrus fans likewise need an official collaboration!