Please analysis W.H. Auden"s poem, "O what is the sound that so thrills the ear", additionally known together "The Quarry."

Please pay special attention to how it relates to the principle of the "Romantic lie."

(The romantic lie an interpretation the means the Romantic poets often tended to idealize everything and totally overlook the gritty truth.)

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W.H. Auden"s poem "O what is the sound the so thrills the ear" speaks to the Romantic lie as the first seven stanzas avoid the feeling that the soldiers the speaker sees are harbingers of fatality for someone . The speaker treats their presence as something special, for the sounds...

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W.H. Auden"s city "O what is that sound that so thrills the ear" speak to the Romantic lie as the first seven stanzas avoid the feeling that the soldiers the speak sees are harbingers of fatality for someone. The speaker treats their presence as miscellaneous special, for the sound they make and the beautiful sights castle provide.

In the first stanza, the north "thrill the ear," together if the is music they hear rather of the to win of the drills the regiment steps to in unison. The 2nd stanza romanticizes the speed of light, together if it to be the sun or a glowing trinket; that is really the tools they carry, deliverers that death. The third stanza treats the marching males as soldiers carrying out the mundane, day-to-day ritual of practice: without intent. There is no danger as the speaker sees them: simply routine...except for the inference gift in words "warning," which is ignored.

The 4th stanza is where the action of the poem pivots. The soldiers have changed their direction. The speaker wonders if they have had a readjust in orders. The only suggestion of peril is the number now kneeling in ~ the speaker"s side: to pray? To aim a gun?

In the following stanza, the speaker marvels if the soldiers room not avoiding at the doctor"s home, though none of them are wounded. The suspense beginning to build here. The mention of the doctor"s house and "wounding" could be viewed as foreshadowing. And also still, the speaker thinks nothing that it; believing the all is well, he proceeds to observe as if the comes army way nothing come him. The next stanza mentions the parson. Once again, the inference may be the the parson"s solutions will be necessary for those who are about to die: an additional instance the foreshadowing, perhaps, but still the speaker is unmoved.

The energy and movement of the poem transforms in the saturday stanza. Together the soldiers move ever closer, the speaker ideas that maybe they are after someone: the shrewd or sly farmer, other than that they happen the farmer"s house and now space running. In ~ this point, the speaker appears to finally pick up top top the brewing danger as the running army draws quickly closer.

The truth that the city is also called "The Quarry" has more significance now. First the speaker notes the his mam is leaving him, and also he reminds she of her vows: but he all of sudden is (too late) mindful that he also must be leaving, nevertheless of the vow he speak of moment before. the speaker a woman, speaking all along to her husband, seeing the beauty in the drumming and also the speed of irradiate on weapons as something beautiful, discovering at the critical minute that perhaps her husband is the quarry?

Finally, the soldiers" intent is clear in the splintering lumber of the door, the damaged lock, passage through the gate, and also their booted heels heavy on the floor, v savage intent burning in their eyes.

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Regardless of that the speaker is, the idea the the Romantic lie deserve to be checked out in the lack of concern for the motion of this pull close army, certain they look because that others and not the speaker or his/her company. The reality, that course, is that any army represents the strength to control or destroy. The speaker acts as if nothing can happen due to the fact that it is a beautiful day, and also reality come along quickly toward the end, leave the reader to wonder why it took so lengthy for the speaker to notice the soldiers" true intent, and what happens through the break of the door.