So Will-O-Wisps will certainly not stop following you (unless girlfriend can acquire them to aggro an NPC and run away) and can diminish your Stamina to 0, diminish your Magicka come 0, and then delete your wellness to cure itself.

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So every time you acquire a few whacks in ~ it through a silver weapon (as is my case), it simply steals a 4 minutes 1 of your wellness (which because that me is like 50 hp).

Am I lacking something, or is that literally impossible to kill a Will-O-Wisp? I hate exploring almost everywhere near Bravil or Leyawiin since of them, and also they really damage the video game for me. I'm a level 12 (relative) badass, with close to 300 HP and a Will-O-Wisp will have actually be dead in 30 secs or less if I try to fight it.


The toughest pursuit in the entirety fighters guild collection is whereby you have to fight 3 of them. To gain past them, ns went and got the ring the namira and also peryite's shield.

Yeah I'm not at that one yet but I'm fearful. I may have to just give in and also lower difficulty. I was make the efforts real difficult not too.

Imagine doing a hand to hand character and dealing v them. That's as soon as I usage nope! one invisibility assignment a minute long. That's how you get away indigenous the shits. I didn't even fight the fighters guild ones, I just ran choose a schoolgirl from 3 balls of light after killing choose thirty trolls v my ceiling hands.

enter oblivion gate

find sigil rock that offers fire, frost or lightning damage

enchant weapon

smack the fuck out of wisp

I've never had actually trouble with them.

Yeah they room no fun as soon as you are melee, either acquire a great amount of magic stand up to or use some kind poisons (i to be pretty sure you deserve to use posion ~ above them) and also an fascinating weapon

Just gotta track that difficulty bar down a little and if that fails then begin getting good at magic or arrows.

Oblivion ended up being much an ext enjoyable as soon as I realized the it's perfect ok to notch the difficulty down a bit.

Step 1: gain Azura's Star step 2: get into the Arcane University action 3: Enchant a weapon through one second of spirit trap and also then max damage (I commonly use lightning) step 4: Run v the game recharging a ridiculously powered weapon every 20 swings with countless souls come recharge.

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