Black heart gems for the Vaermina quest?

» Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:36 afternoon

I check out somewhere that black soul gems deserve to be uncovered in Necromancer hideouts, however I"ve cleared three of them already and there wasn"t a solitary one.

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Madison PooPosts: 3414Joined: Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:09 pm

» Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:23 pm

It"s just the bosses (the Adepts), and it"s just a 10% chance that they will certainly be carrying one. Also, you need to be over level 5.

You can make your own, if you have a Grand soul Gem, and
use the necromancer altars at Dark Fissure, ft Istirus, fort Linchal, or Wendelbek; placed the gem in the altar as soon as the weekly the shade of the Revenant shines down on the altar, and also cast spirit trap on the altar.

Alexander HortonPosts: 3318Joined: Thu Oct 11, 2007 9:19 pm

I"m lvl 12.

Is that quest related or can I just walk in there and also do it?

In any kind of case, that"s a most trouble simply to begin a quest. I"m glad the providing to shrine thing was excellent away through in Skyrim.

Both. The capability to do what glargg defined is available to anyone who knows that it and also using that capability does not break or hurt any type of quest at all. If you development the Mages Guild questline however, you will learn about the ability.

I favor both the offering and level needs of Oblivion"s Daedric quests because it adds much more steps/length/complexity to things. At 6 years and also counting, I"m in no hurry come "finish" the game.


I choose that over there are needs for the Daedric quests, however the level requirement constantly felt fabricated to me. If they"re really trying to find "a an ext powerful champion" the seems like http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42614 would certainly be a better thing come check.

Anyway, the issue I have actually with the totality Black spirit gem point is the the procedure is so strictly that just how would you roleplay a character (not me together a player) in reality figuring out just how to make one without doing the mages guild pursuit line?

I don"t mental so lot that it needs being a specific level, however it would certainly be better if the wasn"t so noticeable as to the fact. Largely not the journal entry having to specifically cite the level required. Although i don"t take into consideration it a large deal, probably it would certainly be much better if you might only obtain the quest if you are the level required. I beg your pardon does make each quest require both the you have actually the item that is wanted, and also you space the correct level, i beg your pardon could cause a problem, relying on how one plays the game.

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It can be v experimentation, although the likely has actually limits. I don"t understand if it is possible to watch the ritual being performed outside of the MG questline, which can not be a bad idea because that a mod. Although that would certainly be the instance where, even if a personality knows rather a bit around magic, it can still be that they would have actually no idea as to how the works, even if they to be able to check out the ritual. Which might require the one performing the ritual to have a scroll that would detail the process, also if it was fragmented(such together a non-journal mini quest, having actually to uncover a few necromancer"s performing the ritual, and also at a certain point, you"d know enough so the you have the right to do that yourself).