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After shedding the bag the wind offered to that by ---Odysseus and also his crew row earlier to the land of the Laestrygonians, powerful giants that hurl boulders at them, sinking all the ships but that of Odysseus and his crew. They, then, sail to Aeaea, where dwells the beautiful witch-goddess Circe, who...

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After losing the bag of wind given to that by ---Odysseus and his crew row ago to the floor of the Laestrygonians, powerful giants who hurl boulders in ~ them, sinking every the ships but that that Odysseus and also his crew. They, then, sail to Aeaea, wherein dwells the beautiful witch-goddess Circe, that drugs a band of Odysseus’s men and turns them right into pigs for this reason she have the right to keep Odysseus through her. Fortunately, Hermess shows up to Odysseus in the form of a young man; the instructs Odysseus come eat the herb moly that will safeguard him versus the drugs of Circe. He climate confronts her and forces she to readjust the men ago to their human being forms. But, she seduces Odysseus, and it is a year before the men can convince him to depart. Still, Circe instructs Odysseus to take aboard sheeip on top top his ship together sacrifice.

In book Xi, Odysseus arrives at the flow of ocean in the floor of the Cimmerians. Over there he pours libations and also the sheeps" blood together offerings to the dead spirits. First appears the spirit of the young man, Elpenor, that passed out the night before and also fell turn off Circe"s roof prior to the men departed. That begs Odysseus to heap rocks together a interment for his body; Odysseus assures to execute so. ~ this, his mother"s soul appears, however Odysseus holds it ago until the has spoken with the spirit of the remote prophet Teiresias, that does appear and drinks the blood offered. He advises Odysseus no to eat Helios"s livestock at Thrinakia or he will die. Nevertheless, he will accomplish hardship and all his guys will die, yet Odysseus will arrive in Ithaca. In response, Odysseus asks about the heart of his mom which he has just seen. Tiresias instructs Odysseus to offer her the blood and also she will approach him. So, as soon as his mommy comes, she to know him instantly; further, she defines how she concerned this soil of the dead: Anticleia tells her child that Penelope has actually been faithful to him, his kid Telemachus ranches his estate, yet her husband, his father, stays in the fields and also beds down in the leaves, or the sleeps in the house where servants once were--all because he longs for his son. But, she can bear the longing because that Odysseus no much more and died.

Soon the spirits of various other women approach and Odysseus must organize them at bay with his sword, but allows them to come and drink. Afterwards, men approach and Odysseus meets Agamenmnon, that relates exactly how he died since of the treachery the his wife, Slytemnestra, to whom he revealed too much of his dealings. She had actually him slain and many that his party, together well. Next Odysseus meets Achilles, who asks around his son, Neoptolemus; so, Odysseus recounts as lot as he deserve to relate. Afterwards, Odysseus look at Telamonian Ajax, and entreats him to forget your quarrel over Achilleus"s arms in Troy where Odysseus and Ajax completed for the eight of Achilleus, who had been slain. (Because the arms to be to walk to the braves man and the Greeks can not reach a decision. But, since they could not purchased to shed the 2 men, the Trojan captives were made to decide. The Trojans decided Odysseus, and also Ajax to be so enraged the he committed suicide.) But, Ajax has not forgotten, and he transforms away native Odysseus.

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After this encounter, Odysseus sees Jocasta, wife and also mother of Oedipus, who killed herself, amongst many other figures of Greek mythology. Odysseus is frightened by every the souls converging top top him to ask about their families; consequently, that flees to his ship and also departs.