For the 2021-22 institution year, there are 3 public institutions serving 1,633 student in Oley Valley school District. This district"s average experimentation ranking is 8/10, i beg your pardon is in the top 30% the public institutions in Pennsylvania.

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Public colleges in Oley Valley school District have actually an mean math proficiency score of 55% (versus the Pennsylvania publicly school typical of 45%), and also reading ability score that 67% (versus the 62% statewide average).
The peak ranked public institutions in Oley Valley school District are Oley Valley an elderly High School, Oley valley Elementary School and Oley Valley middle School. As whole testing location is based on a school"s linked math and also reading proficiency check score ranking. Oley Valley school District has one that the highest concentrations of optimal ranked public schools in Pennsylvania.
Minority enrollment is 9% that the college student body (majority Hispanic), which is much less than the Pennsylvania public school median of 34% (majority Black and Hispanic).

Top Rankings

Oley Valley school District ranks among the height 20% of public college district in Pennsylvania for:

Oley Valley institution District, i m sorry is ranked in ~ the peak 30% of every 706 institution districts in Pennsylvania (based off of merged math and also reading proficiency trial and error data) for the 2018-2019 school year.




The revenue/student the $19,821 is greater than the state median of $15,879. The school district revenue/student has stayed fairly flat over four school years.
The school district"s spending/student that $18,721 is higher than the state mean of $15,178. The college district spending/student has stayed reasonably flat over four school years.

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