One Piece: What occurred To Zoro's Eye? (& 9 Other tiny Mysteries friend Missed) One piece is full of mysteries that have actually gone unaddressed for years, consisting of Zoro"s eye, aliens, & more.

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for a collection that"s been roughly for more than 20 years, One Piece sure has actually left a entirety lot more questions than answers. This isn"t necessarily a poor thing, though. One Piece could"ve only brought itself this far since of exactly how engaging and plentiful that mysteries are. It perfect encapsulates the adventurous feel by having the fans wondering what"s behind every corner.

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This is a people full of cool conspiracies, concealed worlds, and political intrigue. However, this list will be providing a special spotlight to the smaller sized questions. When they might not necessarily bring the fate that the people (as much as fans understand now), there space a few passing details in the series that still obtain the fans questioning questions.

among the quietest mysteries in One Piece is the entire situation with Roronoa Zoro"s eye. After the time skip, he had actually one less of them. Fans can conveniently digest how Usopp became buffer and also why Franky go overboard with the gadgets, yet they simply couldn"t quite item together Zoro"s scar.

Some continuous theories range between hiding some ocular based power choose the Sharingan to just being an accidental cut when Zoro unfortunately got an itchy eye throughout training. Nothing has actually been set in stone, yet it"s tho a small hard to believe how nobody of the Straw Hats asked around it yet, not even Luffy and his childlike curiosity.

No one said that they necessary One Piece"s science to be realistic; however at minimum, it might at least be explained. In a people full of technical snails and floating cities, there has to be some continual logic to yes, really tie everything together. Because that a while, that was the situation with adversary Fruits.

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They to be magical fruits that, as soon as eaten, can grant the user wonder abilities. However, also that lore came to be muddied as soon as the collection proudly stated on multiple occasions the the world Government was having weapons eat adversary Fruits. This isn"t pets or world eating adversary Fruits that offer them weapons. It"s weapons somehow consuming evil one Fruits to acquire consciousness as animals.

A lot of huge Mom"s previous is shrouded in mystery. Wherein did she come from? Why is she as big as she is? Why is she always hungry? However, if there was one an enig around her that deserve to really haunt fans, it"s just how she obtained her evil one Fruit. The Soul-Soul Fruit had previously belonged to her foster mother, mommy Caramel.

However, after blacking the end on her birthday in a hungry frenzy, Charlotte Linlin suddenly found herself alone and also somehow with mother Caramel"s devil Fruit. Nothing has actually been evidenced at this point, yet the tease seems to be that, if one eats a devil Fruit user, climate they gain that person"s evil one Fruit. This can clear up part mysteries surrounding adversary Fruits when sparking for this reason many more nightmares.

7 The Tree ~ above Rusukaina

Zoro, Chopper, and also a small Girl stare At a Daft Green
right here is among the couple of One Piece mysteries that has actually to be answered. When Luffy goes off to train through Rayleigh, he pipeline his hat on a mysterious tree top top Rusukaina, one that Rayleigh just remarks the the animals stay far from. For those who only read the manga or watch the anime, not much is explained regarding what"s therefore special about the tree.

However, the powers space actually defined in One Piece: strong World, in i beg your pardon a similar tree, referred to as "Daft Green," repels animals with poison spores. Oda has actually said that the Rusukaina tree isn"t poisonous, yet it is comparable to the Daft Green.

The will of D. Is one of the best ongoing mysteries within the story. Its precise purpose has actually yet to be revealed despite the variety of people through the middle initial "D" growing everyday. And also while the specifically, behind the branding are too grand for now, fans can still speculate regarding why a few, stray world know around it.

This one-of-a-kind order is mainly consisted of of old folks, but it contains the likes that Woop Slap, Foosha Village"s mayor, Dr. Kureha, Chopper"s mentor, and also Crocus, Gol D. Roger"s an individual doctor.

5 Eneru & Aliens

This one was glossed over method too easily. For fans that missed it, there space aliens in One Piece and robots that premiered much earlier than Franky. Unveiled in a cover story for Eneru, Skypeia"s ex-god controlled to with the moon and discovered whole colony of cute robots who hid in are afraid of room pirates.

Eneru conveniently manages to conserve them and goes on come discover whole ancient prophecy about these tiny things and the moon. No much an ext is defined here, however this much information and secret could almost start a series of its own.

during the Enies Lobby Arc, some of the Straw Hats gained some very needed power-ups. By raising the blood flow across his body and also blowing air right into his bones, Luffy enhanced his speed and power. By spinning about really quick to generate friction, Sanji can create a superheated kick. And by being yes, really angry, Zoro can summon many heads and also arms.

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Oda kind of just busted this out and expected fans to take it at confront value, despite the truth that cultivation limbs the end of naught hasn"t to be a common thing in One Piece. This move has also only been provided once an ext in the collection and is never ever addressed again.

3 Shakky"s Past

Shakky managed to steal many of hearts during her development on Sabaody Archipelago. However, she may have actually stolen plenty more during her remote past. Method too clear in passing, Shakky contempt reveals the she was when chased down by Monkey D. Garp and that she has a partnership with Silvers Rayleigh.

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Not only does it take rather a an effective and shady human being to hang through the Dark King, however Shakky must"ve yes, really been special if she was pursued down by the Pirate King"s own arch-nemesis. What did friend do, Shakky?

for a character v a yes, really well-established partnership through the Straw Hats, over there is so lot shadiness bordering Trafalgar Law. Part of his induction right into the seven Warlords includes his involvement v something referred to as "The Rock harbor Incident."

Just the surname doesn"t sound good, but this additionally apparently validated legislation as one of the most powerful and danger pirates around. This could be in referral to the time that Law gathered 100 pirate hearts, however that case sparks even much more questions. What did girlfriend do, Law?

1 The gigantic Egg ~ above The Oro Jackson

last on this perform is a slight, aesthetic information on one of the finest pirate pearl in One Piece. Fit for future royalty, the Oro Jackson was designed by Franky"s very own shipwright mentor, Tom, and has one of the most prominent and also elegant draft in the series. The red sails proudly display the insignia of your captain. Its frontside practically pierces the sea itself. Wings and also mermaids elegant its face.

And, last however not least, there"s a huge egg in the back. For some reason, no character has actually really lugged attention to it, however there"s a giant, polka-dotted egg ~ above the ago of Roger"s ship. It"s not at this time known if this is cargo or just a strong aesthetic choice for a ship. In either case, it makes a statement and that statement is, "What?"