All flight schedules indigenous Orlando International, United claims to Salt Lake City International, joined States. This path is operated by 3 airline(s), and also the exit time is in between 07:11 - 19:30. The street is 1938 miles.

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Southwest Airlines trip schedule native Orlando International to Salt Lake City International

All weekly departures through Southwest Airlines.

Orlando worldwide MCO

Orlando global (MCO) is a huge airport in joined States. You have the right to fly to 151 destinations v 36 airline in booked passenger traffic.

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Salt Lake City international SLC

Salt Lake City global (SLC) is a huge airport in unified States. You deserve to fly to 105 destinations through 9 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

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Frequently asked concerns (FAQ)

How lengthy does a flight from Stockholm come Doha take, i beg your pardon airport is the busiest and to i beg your pardon terminal will certainly I arrive? here you can find answers come our most asked questions.

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The flight between Orlando (MCO) and Salt Lake City (SLC) frequently takes about 4 hours and 55 minutes.

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