This place has actually Spear Guys, who, relying on how they allude their spears, will stop you from making use of hammers (spear pointed in ~ you) or jumping (spear pointed up). There"s a large flower in a space you need to cross. Drop down and also hit the flower through your hammer or it will certainly hurt Mario. There room Hammer Bros and Boomerang Bros here. The next area has actually tall grass, so you won"t have the ability to see all of the enemies. Go between the trees the have an item block between them, then go ideal for the Toy Bat. Over there is a love in a smallruin nearby. The Spear men will litter spears in ~ you external of battle and also they"re quite accurate. The following area has the comet piece surrounded through Spear Guys. Over there is a love Block and Save Block to the left. We can"t with the comet item as other is missing from the floor. Every of the Spear Guys has a scrap, therefore we need to chase lock down. Once we technique them, lock scatter. One hides in the tall grass in the area. That takes a if to follow him down, yet if you deserve to trap him out of the grass near the Save and also Heart Blocks, girlfriend can quickly hit him there is no him running away. Beating him provides the Bridge part scrap. Us go to the area come the left next. Over there are mounds of record "plants" every over. In the direction of the front is a piece of paper that says "X3DR-B8HH-9ZR2-FL16". One more piece of record advertises the Sticker Fest. One more is a business card because that a Toad working for the Warp Pipe advance Unit. This place is full of thrown away paper. Yet one more scrap is component of the track Birdo was singing, v some modified lyrics, analysis "Heart the a woman... Love of a man... Both shaken by love"s grace... Therefore tie a pink ribbon, dance every about... Just try not to gain egg on your face." no too far away, we uncover the other component of the song, with an extra line. Another is a item of a transmission from covering Shock 2 to covering Shock 1 around Shell Shock 3. Over there is an advertising from the Enigmansion steward for aservant. Goombella"s monitorings on the Chomp damages are likewise here, and also the StickerFestival dance choreography. Periodically, youmay discover a shy Guy, but it"s no the one friend want.We deserve to place a thing Sticker here. The Vacuum removes up the mess and reveals footprints to the following area. The Spear male with the scrap is in the ago corner. We go to the area come the left. There"s nothing however tree stumps. We can place stickers below we don"t want, which renders item block appear. The area come the best of the comet item has much more Spear Guys and Hammer Bros. The Spear man with the scrap hand it off to a Spear man on the various other side of a space with a carnivorous flower. Drop down to the level that the flower and walk left until you view a tall shrub. Hit it a couple of times to damage it and reveal part Bowser tape. Peeling it reveals part steps.Behind the other side that the space is a cave with one HP-Up Heart.We hit the flower and cross the gap to the next area. This area has actually the Spear male with the scrap and also thick grass. There"s an additional carnivorous flower. There"s a door drawn on the various other side that the gap. The mystery Door leads tothe keep going Shears. Follow the Spear male out the the grass to the left and up the ramp. He"ll fall in come the flower and the scrap will end up ~ above the other side the the gap. We require to uncover a faster way so we deserve to cross the gap before the flower recovers. If us go up to the gap, run behind the grass, and walk come the left, we"ll discover the flour Puff. The shortcut we need right here is one invisble block behind the blue flower ~ above the left step. Fight the block v your hammer. Currently we can easily cross the gap and get the critical scrap. Back in the area through the comet piece, we change the bridge and get the comet piece.

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This opens up the course to 5-2.
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