Kristi Lee, News Reporter on the Bob & Tom Show, surprised fans when she made a sudden departure after the an initial of the year, as reported by The Back she exit a statement, which to be posted on the Bob & Tom net site, stating the she was moving on to discover other ventures, The show itself failed to report top top her lack at all.

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Kristi Lee"s departure was a shock come all, especially when the long time co organize did not receive any sort of bye tribute by the continuing to be hosts, Tom Griswold and also Chick McGee. Instead, the show continued on there is no her together she was automatically replaced by ahead co organize Pat Carlini. In a stranger turn of events, Kristi Lee"s contagious laughter to be soon gotten rid of from the laugh track the is regularly played throughout various songs and skits, additionally being replaced by Carlini"s laughter. Essentially, Kristi Lee"s visibility was erased from the show"s history.

Bob Kevoian reacted to the Bob & Tom show"s fail to acknowledge Kristi"s leave via Twitter, obviously upset at her lack of recognition.

"Shocked and also saddened the
bobandtom has actually said nothing around
Kristileenews leave show. She deserves better. #DisappointedRetiree"

In addition to Chick and Bob"s final words on Kristi Lee"s absence, news outlets such as the Indianapolis business Journal reported the after 27 years, Kristi Lee ultimately left she spot as the news director, but were skimpy ~ above the details, declare there to be no return call when they got to out come Kristi Lee of the Bob and Tom Show.

Despite her lack from the show, Kristi Lee started to be more active on Facebook and Twitter, giving teasers into her future venture, asking the fans remain tuned for much more in the near future. In the meantime, she seemed to spend some time hanging out through her children, walk out v friends, and also finally resting in.

Each write-up that Kristi Lee made on social media was adhered to with a barrage of followers telling her the they miss out on her ~ above the show and hope she is doing well. In addition, the anticipation acquired to plenty of of she fans together they asked her to disclose her following project.

On February 9, Kristi Lee post a picture on Facebook, warning fans the something large was comes soon.

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"Mock up but it"s comes soon.."

The Indy Star report on the image, claiming that Kristi Lee decreased an interview. However, they proclaimed that Kristi Lee Uninterrupted will certainly air ~ above April 5 at DrWill.

"News, Guests, Conversations, and also a couple of laughs!"

What are your think on Krisit Lee"s new show, will certainly you be tuning in come listen?