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That, my dear anon, is among the great unsolved mysteries that ALW Phantom.

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I mean, assuming the you’re questioning why there’s a monkey music box *at all*.

If you’re just wondering why it’s in the Prologue, it’s due to the fact that it belonged to the Phantom and was found in his lair through the mob, to eventually finish up in the auction that old stuff from the Opera’s storage rooms. And also then old!Raoul bought it since he remembered Christine talking around it in among her stories of the Phantom.

But, as for the actual *presence in the Phantom’s lair* of a music box in the form of a barrel body organ with one attached figure of a monkey play the cymbals–your assumption: v is pretty much as good as mine.

If we’re talking about the 2004 movie, it’s yes, really straightforward: in the movie, the Phantom had actually a stuffed toy that a monkey with cymbals when he to be imprisoned/exhibited together a son (probably things that he gained by chance after it was discarded by someone else), and seems to have upgraded to a an ext deluxe model after moving into the Opera house. Yet this uses only come the movie, as there is no point out of the Phantom in the stage musical having actually had any type of such toy, and also he was imprisoned *as an adult*.

Some people think that the music crate is meant to indicate the personality of the Persian Daroga, who was extremely crucial in the original book but deleted from the musical/combined v Madame Giry. This is mainly due to the description of the monkey together wearing‘Persian robes’, and also the reality that it’s supposedly a ‘friend’ come the Phantom. I’m no a pan of this theory since it seems like an extremely arbitrary means to recommendation a character that ALW doesn’t seem come have given a 2nd thought for.

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I have actually a ~kind of/sort of~ theory of mine own, the basis of that being that perhaps‘Masquerade’ could be a bit more diegetic than we have tendency to think of the as. In this scenario, then, the Phantom has actually heard and is acquainted with this song about masks and hiding persons face, and has latched onto that in an ironic type of means (like how Leroux!Erik internalizes the whole‘living corpse’ thing, to the suggest that he sleeps in a coffin). So climate he finds this music crate that theatre his‘favourite’ track (and happens to have a monkey on it–cymbal-playing chimpanzees being a cliche type of automaton), and takes it home to his lair therefore he can listen to it anytime he desires to. (Yeah, there’s still holes in this theory, yet it renders as much sense as anything else I’ve to be able come come up with about the music box.)

I would certainly really prefer to understand what ALW/Hal Prince/Maria Bjornson/whoever’s idea it was in reality *intended* with the music box/monkey, however as far as I understand no one has ever before said anything about it?

There’s additionally the an enig of why the starts play by chin at opportune moments, supposedly of its own volition (unless the Phantom *wanted* Christine to wake up up and also unmask that while that was liven composing). I wonder how many times that point went off by itself and virtually gave old!Raoul a love attack.Maybe the actual Opera Ghost is *inside* the music box: maybe it’s possessed by the disgruntled soul of the Daroga, angrily clinking his tiny cymbals and demanding that world stop cut his role from the story. The human being may never know.