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Because that Winn-Dixie: A Play adapted by Barry Rust

Gather your friends together and bring the story of since of Winn-Dixie come life. There room 11 functions in this play, however the same actor deserve to play more than one part. Girlfriend can even act the end all the components yourself!

Opal doesn"t have any type of friends in her new hometown. Can a friendly, shaggy dog adjust all that?

cast of Characters(in order of appearance)

† Opal (voice-over): This voice tells the audience what Opal"s thinking
*Narrators 1, 2, 3, & 4: The narrators describe the action in the play
Winn-Dixie: A shaggy, trusted dog — the function of Winn-Dixie have the right to be imagined, play by a stuffed animal, or by one actor
*Opal: A 10-year-old girl
† save Manager: The manager the the Winn-Dixie grocery store
The preacher: Opal"s father
miss out on Franny: A librarian in she 60s
Otis: A shy etc player in his 20s that works in a pets store
Gloria: A remote woman v a an imaginative personality — some world think she"s a witch
*Big Roles† tiny Roles


OPAL (VOICE-OVER) once we relocated to Naomi, the was simply the preacher and me, only sometimes it seemed like it to be me alone. And also then one morning, the preacher sent me to the Winn-Dixie grocery store for a box of macaroni and also cheese, some white rice, and also two tomatoes.

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NARRATOR 1 unexpectedly there"s a big commotion in among the aisles.

NARRATOR 2 A huge dog is to run full-speed v the store.

NARRATOR 3 The entire staff the the grocery keep is chasing it.

OPAL (VOICE-OVER) there in the create section, my whole life changed.

STORE MANAGER get that thing out of here!

NARRATOR 4 The dog stops and also smiles in ~ Opal. Opal smiles back.

STORE MANAGER call the pound!

NARRATOR 1 Opal has actually a crazy idea.

OPAL Wait! That"s mine dog. Here boy! Come on... Winn-Dixie!

STORE MANAGER who names a dog Winn-Dixie?

OPAL Me! i hope you like your new name, boy. You"re a mess! Let"s acquire you cleaned up and also see what the preacher has to say about you.


NARRATOR 2 Opal and also Winn-Dixie walk residence to Opal"s trailer.

OPAL You"ll see, Winn-Dixie, that my daddy is a great man. Yet I call him the preacher because he security so much time preaching or creating sermons that it"s hard for me to think that him as a daddy.

NARRATOR 3 Opal and also Winn-Dixie come at Opal"s trailer. They discover the preacher hunched end an old laptop, composing a sermon.

OPAL I found a dog and also I want to save him.

THE PREACHER we can"t save this dog.

OPAL yet I"d have someone to speak to and also wouldn"t need to bother friend so much.

NARRATOR 4 The preacher looks tough at Winn-Dixie, that looks right earlier at him.

THE PREACHER We deserve to keep the temporarily. Do some indicators so folks know you found a dog who demands a home.

NARRATOR 1 Later, Opal speak to Winn-Dixie.

OPAL Mama left once I was 3. Dad doesn"t choose talking about her. Think I need to keep asking him?

NARRATOR 2 Winn-Dixie looks in ~ her, nearly nodding.

OPAL Well, I"ll think about it.

NARRATOR 3 in ~ bedtime, the preacher comes right into Opal"s room.

OPAL Daddy, deserve to you phone call me about Mama? i don"t need to know a lot. Just a couple of things.

THE PREACHER Opal, it"s time for bed.


NARRATOR 4 ~ above the street the following day, Winn-Dixie operation up some measures to a building.

OPAL Hey Winn-Dixie! girlfriend can"t walk in there! That"s a library!

NARRATOR 1 Opal peers with the window.

OPAL Winn-Dixie, friend wait here.

NARRATOR 2 Opal go in. Winn-Dixie stands increase on his hind legs, feather in.

NARRATOR 3 miss Franny Block has fallen sleep at her desk. Opal tiptoes by and starts looking in ~ the books.

MISS FRANNY Aghh! He"s on the back! The bear!

NARRATOR 4 She raises her finger and points at Winn-Dixie in the window.

OPAL That"s no bear. That"s mine dog!

MISS FRANNY You have to think I"m a silly old thing, yet I had a bad experience through a bear coming right into the library a lengthy time ago.

OPAL A be afflicted with came into the library?

MISS FRANNY It"s a very long story.

OPAL i like long stories, but can Winn-Dixie come listen too? He it s okay lonely there is no me.

NARRATOR 1 Opal go outside and also gets him.

NARRATOR 2 miss out on Franny tells the story of the bear who came into the library and also stole a book.

MISS FRANNY I"m the just one left indigenous those days. Every my friends space dead and gone.

NARRATOR 3 Winn-Dixie shows every one of his teeth.

MISS FRANNY well now, that dog is laugh at me.

OPAL We might all be friends!

MISS FRANNY That would certainly be grand. Simply grand.


NARRATOR 4 Opal desires to purchase Winn-Dixie a collar, so they go within the neighborhood pet store.

NARRATOR 1 Otis, the clerk, is playing his guitar.

NARRATOR 2 The pets are out of your cages. They space quiet, mesmerized by his playing.

NARRATOR 3 Otis look at Opal and also stops playing. Suddenly, the pets go wild.

OTIS assist me!

NARRATOR 4 Otis and Opal shot to catch them.

OPAL There space too many! play your etc again!

NARRATOR 1 the does, and they quiet down. Opal puts them ago in your cages.

OTIS Music makes them happy. I take castle out since they don"t choose being locked up.

OPAL do you ever play for people?

OTIS I supplied to. But police called me come stop. I didn"t, since playing guitar"s all ns love doing. For this reason they take it me come jail.

OPAL however you might play now!

OTIS They make me promise never ever to play outside again. Now I only play because that the animals.

scene 5

NARRATOR 2 Opal is riding she bike. Winn-Dixie is loping along beside her.

NARRATOR 3 He races ahead of her. The hops a gate and also goes into the most overgrown tropical of a yard the Opal has ever before seen.

NARRATOR 4 Opal"s heard a witch owns the house….

NARRATOR 1 A witch that eats children….

NARRATOR 2 Opal adheres to Winn-Dixie into the yard and also bumps right into a woman.

OPAL Don"t eat me!

GLORIA Eat you? Heh, heh, heh.

OPAL Where"s my dog? Did friend eat my dog?

GLORIA Hardly. Yet he virtually ate my hand stealing mine sandwich.

OPAL I"m sorry around that. My name"s Opal.

GLORIA my name"s Gloria Dump. Ha! Ain"t the a devastating last name? Dump.

OPAL my last surname is Buloni. Occasionally the kids at school call me lunch Meat.

GLORIA Hah! enjoyment to fulfill you, having lunch Meat. Don"t figure you"d like to join me because that lunch.

OPAL Sure, if Winn-Dixie deserve to come too.

GLORIA The first thing you should know about me is my eye ain"t also good, therefore I obtained to count on my heart. Why don"t you tell me around yourself so together I have the right to see you v my heart.

OPAL Well-the an initial thing friend should recognize is that ns don"t have actually a mama. Something do her go away, and also I don"t recognize what that was…

NARRATOR 3 Gloria eats she sandwich and also Opal walk on talking. And also on, and also on….

GLORIA mine lord, girl, you sure have the right to talk. I feel like I have the right to see friend now.

OPAL ns sure like your garden. Deserve to I come back tomorrow come look at it?

GLORIA Not much will have readjusted by then.

OPAL but I desire to view you, too.

scene 6

NARRATOR 4 nobody calls looking for Winn-Dixie. The lost-dog poster starts to fade.

NARRATOR 1 The preacher warms as much as him.

NARRATOR 2 One night there"s a thunderstorm. Winn-Dixie is terrified.

NARRATOR 3 he races around the house and knocks the preacher come the ground.


OPAL I"m sorry, Daddy! i don"t understand what"s going on! he doesn"t seem favor Winn-Dixie!

NARRATOR 4 The preacher it s okay up and sits Opal down v him top top the couch.

THE PREACHER The storm won"t last long and when it"s end the genuine Winn-Dixie will come back.

OPAL We obtain lots that storms in the summer.

THE PREACHER We"ll need to make sure he doesn"t acquire out throughout one. He could run away. We need to make sure to store him safe.

step 7

NARRATOR 1 Opal and Winn-Dixie invest the work together. They visit miss out on Franny and also Gloria…

NARRATOR 2 …and Otis at the pets store.

NARRATOR 3 but Opal quiet feels lonely.

OPAL (VOICE-OVER) I preserved thinking around Mama. Thinking about her was the very same as the feet you store feeling through your tongue ~ you"ve lost a tooth. Mine mind preserved going to the empty spot, the spot where I felt she need to be.

NARRATOR 4 One night, she and also the preacher talk.

OPAL Daddy, carry out you think about Mama a lot?

THE PREACHER ns do, Opal.

OPAL Why walk she leave?

THE PREACHER ns don"t even understand it. Us were happy, for what seemed prefer a long time. However then she started drinking….

OPAL go she drink because I was bad? Is it mine fault that she left?

THE PREACHER Don"t you ever say that. Listen me?

NARRATOR 1 The preacher goes come his room.

NARRATOR 2 The next day, Opal speak Gloria around her talk through the preacher.

GLORIA He"s hurting.

OPAL Everybody"s hurting. It makes me sad. I desire to help, yet I don"t recognize what do around it. Actually... I do know! We require to have actually a party, right right here in your yard! and we need to invite everyone us know.

NARRATOR 3 Gloria renders invitations. Opal asks the preacher if he wants to come.

THE PREACHER i can"t, Opal. I have actually a most work to do.


NARRATOR 4 Gloria and Opal rotate Gloria"s overgrown yard into a candle-lit fairyland.

NARRATOR 1 together guests arrive, Winn-Dixie was standing in the center of everybody, wagging his tail.

NARRATOR 2 however then there"s a rumble that thunder. Suddenly, rain pours down.

GLORIA conserve the sandwiches!

NARRATOR 3 everyone runs inside.

MISS FRANNY Is everyone OK?

OPAL ns think so. Wait! Where"s Winn-Dixie? He"s fear of thunderstorms, and also I allow him obtain away.

NARRATOR 4 She starts to cry. She operation outside.

GLORIA Opal, gain out the the rain!

NARRATOR 1 Opal hops on her bike and rides through the rain to her trailer, whereby she finds the preacher.

OPAL Is Winn-Dixie here? he ran away because of the thunder.

THE PREACHER I"ll help look.

NARRATOR 2 everyone searches for Winn-Dixie.

THE PREACHER We"ve searched for hours, Opal. There"s only so much looking we can do.

OPAL You"re walk to give up. You always do. Ns bet girlfriend didn"t also go out trying to find my mama as soon as she left.

THE PREACHER ns couldn"t stop her. Ns tried. Ns tried.

NARRATOR 3 The preacher starts come cry.

THE PREACHER shedding Winn-Dixie upsets me as lot as the does you. I love the dog.

OPAL I understand it, Daddy.

NARRATOR 4 holding hands, lock walk together back to Gloria"s house to be with their friends.

NARRATOR 1 Otis starts playing his guitar.

NARRATOR 2 there is a soft sound, favor howling.

OPAL Winn-Dixie?

NARRATOR 3 She runs and also opens the former door.

NARRATOR 4 Winn-Dixie is standing there.

NARRATOR 1 everyone cheers. The preacher leads a song. Otis dram along.

OPAL (VOICE-OVER) Mama, I understand you might never come back. Yet my heart"s no empty anymore. It"s full all the way up. I"ve obtained all kinds of friends. I"ve gained Winn-Dixie. And also most the all, I"ve acquired my daddy.

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Adapted native the twentieth Century Fox movie in association with Walden Media, screenplay by Joan Singleton, based upon the Candlewick novel by Kate DiCamillo.