Ahoy! It"s ya boi, Morrty, right here with an regularly debated and also arguably controversial object in the Pokemon community. Must you evolve Pikachu right into Raichu, or not?


Before we obtain started I"d prefer to autumn a quick disclaimer that any images used in this post are not mine. Also, this short article is bound to have some opinions thrown into the researched facts, and also I"m not right here to begin arguments, but to entertain. I will, however, be open to polite discussions or discussions if anyone choose to comment on this article with me in further detail.

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So, let"s face it. Pikachu is the face of Pokemon. Even civilization who couldn"t surname one other Pokemon from this collection could surname Pikachu and point it the end in a crowd. Pichu and Raichu aren"t so popular, though. It"s a shame, due to the fact that I actually like Raichu an ext than Pikachu. I constantly choose to at some point evolve mine Pikachu right into Raichu if I have the option. I recognize not everyone is walking to have actually the very same opinion as I do, and also that"s entirely okay. Some people like Pikachu more, however from a vain standpoint, is it viable to save Pikachu as it is, or is Raichu actually far better suited because that battle?


Let"s take it a look at a couple of things. Battles deserve to be handled in various various styles, and with look at infinite quantities of strategies, however one thing always remains relevant:

Pokemon Stats


I included Alolan Raichu to this because it"s stat total may be the same, but its productivity is actually different than Raichu"s. Together you can see here, both Raichu and Alolan Raichu outclass Pikachu in every feasible way. So, in order to level the playing field people oftentimes offer Pikachu a Light ball to hold. This doubles both Pikachu"s Attack and Special assault stats!


Now, back Pikachu currently has higher Attack and Special assault stats v a irradiate Ball, it"s Defenses and also Speed room still lacking in comparison. This is wherein things end up being a matter of situation. The Raichus would be an ext likely to get the first hit on an opponent, and also would be an ext likely to have the ability to take a hit from the opponent, but would not be able to deal out as lot damage. So, Raichu could probably pick up a K.O. In the two hits it most most likely gets to food out throughout it"s battle. Pikachu will probably gain one an excellent hit in before, many likely, fainting. We could shot to combat that by giving Pikachu in Eviolite...

Now Pikachu has 50% much more Defense and Special Defense than it did before. This offers it an edge against the Raichus in Defense, yet it still has actually less one-of-a-kind Defense 보다 if it evolved. So, since we can"t overload Pikachu with items, the Light ball is most likely the finest choice, and also you just have to maximize damages output with Pikachu when you have actually it the end in battle.

So, we have talked about giving Pikachu items, yet what around Raichu? we can"t just let Pikachu have an object and no Raichu. Us gotta store it fair!

So, the course any type of item Raichu can use Pikachu can additionally use, yet as us discussed, no article works far better than a Light round for Pikachu. Raichu, however, can"t usage the light Ball, but has access to the wait Balloon, focus Sash, Red Card, Life Orb, choice Specs, and also more! The most common item I"ve seen provided is Life Orb or focus Sash, aside from Z-Crystals. Since we have actually been mainly discussing damage output and also power differences, ns think Life Orb is the best choice. This enables Raichu come use any of his move without being specifically locked into one, and also boosts both physical Attack and Special Attack.

So, the just thing left to perform is see how they ridge up against each other. For these tests we will certainly be acquisition Pikachu and also both Raichus and also pitting them against the exact same Pokemon, utilizing the same moves, v the exact same EVs, IVs, and also Natures for consistency.

Let"s run some numbers real quick...


PIKACHU: 252 Atk Light round Pikachu Volt tackle vs. 188 HP / 128 Def Snorlax: 271-321 (53.3 - 63.1%) -- guarantee 2HKO after ~ Leftovers recovery

RAICHU: 252 Atk Life Orb Raichu Volt tackle vs. 188 HP / 128 Def Snorlax: 238-281 (46.8 - 55.3%) -- 14.1% opportunity to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

ALOLAN RAICHU: 252 Atk Life Orb Raichu-Alola Volt tackle vs. 188 HP / 128 Def Snorlax: 227-269 (44.6 - 52.9%) -- guarantee 3HKO ~ Leftovers recovery

So, in regards to Attack, Pikachu does transaction considerably more damage, and should it is in taken right into account if you"re going the physical set route. Return it leads to much less coverage, it have the right to maximize damage output for the moves it can use. It might be a slower 보다 Raichu, i m sorry is additionally something to consider, and it will not be able to take as plenty of hits as Raichu, but it can possibly get the job done much faster so it might not have to be damaged through the opponent.

Special Attack...

PIKACHU - 252 SpA Light round Pikachu Thunderbolt vs. 188 HP / 192+ SpD Snorlax: 117-138 (23 - 27.1%) -- possible 5HKO ~ Leftovers recovery

RAICHU - 252 SpA Life Orb Raichu Thunderbolt vs. 188 HP / 192+ SpD Snorlax: 107-126 (21 - 24.8%) -- feasible 6HKO after ~ Leftovers recovery

ALOLAN RAICHU - 252 SpA Life Orb Raichu-Alola Thunderbolt vs. 188 HP / 192+ SpD Snorlax: 109-130 (21.4 - 25.5%) -- possible 5HKO after ~ Leftovers recovery

Once again, Pikachu bring away the cake right here with the highest percentage to KO much faster than the others. I"ve gotta say, it"s power is nothing to scoff at. My only issue is candid the Speed and also Defenses.

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So, there you have it. I know this wasn"t the many conclusive, but it does sell some insight into i beg your pardon Pokemon you should use based turn off of her battling style. Both Pokemon make an excellent late video game sweepers, and also Raichu is a little much more effective in ~ it v the extra Speed. If one of two people one is used early in the game, the greater defenses assist the Raichus possibly have the ability to hit an ext than once, conversely, the greater damage output may save Pikachu indigenous needing to take damage, simply as long as it"s lesser speed compared to the Raichus doesn"t ache it. In do this blog, I have actually a newfound respect because that Pikachu, however I"ll most likely still walk ahead and evolve it since Raichu is simply so lot cooler in my personal opinion.

Let me understand in the comments what you choose to do. Evolve it, or save it the same? carry out you just prefer to keep it a Pichu and also Everstone the tiny guy? That"s constantly an option. I"m under to hear your thoughts one opinions. Make certain to choose this post and also to follow because that more, and also I"ll odor ya later!