The complete condition that pre-owned Sony playstation 3 80GB 2 USB Port mechanism Trade-In includes Controller(s), power Cord, USB Cable, AV Cable

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NOTE: DLC or online accessibility codes might not accessible and may require additional purchase ~ above preowned games. Product photos are share photos and may different from what room available. If you like to get a particular version the the very same title, please usage "my blog post to" native checkout page.



How to determine a playstation 3?1) A serial number because that this PS3 40GB will be "CECHKxx," "CECHLxx," or "CECHMxx"

2) This PS3 80GB system has 2 USB ports

3) This PS3 80GB system does not attribute PS2 backwards compatability

Trade in her Sony playstations 3 system at and also receive the finest trade-in values on the planet. Trying to find cash for her PS3 games and hardware? We additionally offer extremely competitive buy prices on PS3 games, PS3 accessories and also PS3 consoles. Check how much we deserve to offer you now!

Step 1: Click the "Start Trade-In" link above to walk to Trade-In / Sell web page of the playstation 3 80GB 2 USB Port.Step 2: list what equipment come with your PS3 set.Step 3: add to her cart

Please check ago later if trade-in alternative is not available. We carry out not accept trade-ins on certain items based upon quantity in stock.

Interested in marketing your game stations 3 80GB 2 USB harbor system? Please describe our trade-in assist page for more information on exactly how you have the right to sell your PS3 and also get cash.

While you deserve to trade in without having all equipment for her PlayStation 3 system, you will obtain the most when you have a complete collection which includes:

1 playstations 3 80GB 2 USB port System1 Sony DualShock 3 Wireless Controller1 AC power Cord1 USB Cable1 AV Cable or HDMI Cable

To assist us carry out quality used video clip games and also pre-owned systems, please ensure her PlayStation 3 mechanism trade-ins meet the following criteria.

PS3 system and accessories must be in terrific working conditionPS3 system and also accessories have to be in very an excellent to terrific cosmetic condition

If the playstations 3 mechanism trade-in does not meet above standards, trade-in might not be embraced or its value will it is in reassessed at our discretion. Please describe our trade-in assist page for additional information.

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1. Kingdom understanding 2 (PlayStation 2)