Point of check out is a narrative technique that mirrors the reader that is telling the story. In "To construct a Fire," Jack London offers the third-person allude of watch to call the story that a naive young male in the Yukon are who ventures into the wilderness once the temperature starts come drop come 50 degrees below zero. This suggest of view allows London to produce distance in between the character and also the reader in stimulate to highlight the man"s foolishness.

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Types of suggest of View

In general, there are three points of view. First-person suggest of view provides the pronoun “I” or "we" and also tells the story from the narrator’s perspective. In second-person point of view, the main character of the story is referred to by the pronoun "you" or "your." Third-person allude of view provides the pronoun “he,” “she” or "they" and also presents the story native an outsider’s perspective.

Point of see in "To construct a Fire"

"To develop a Fire" is told utilizing the third-person point of view. The narrator is one outsider who tells the reader a story around the main character. London develops this allude of view ideal from the start of the story, saying, “when the man turned as well as the key Yukon trail and also climbed the high earth-bank.” The outsider narrator to adjust the stage by presenting the setting and introduce to the main character as “the man.” Later, in the story, the narrator likewise refers to the guy using the pronoun “he.”


The theme of the story is that a man’s arrogance in the natural people will an outcome in his untimely death. The young man is warned versus going too much into the wild, yet he does no listen because of his arrogance. Despite he effectively starts one fire, he drops into water, gets wet and also struggles starting another fire. His hands grow cold and also numb, but eventually that manages. However, as soon as that fire is coincidentally extinguished, the guy is much much less successful at structure a fire for a 3rd time.

Effect that the Third-Person allude of watch in the Story

The third-person point of view enables London to actors judgment top top his main character’s ill-advised actions and also establish his all at once argument, i m sorry is the a guy who is too arrogant in the challenge of nature will suffer the results of his arrogance. The use of the third-person suggest of view allows the reader to watch the male as London sees that -- as a foolish guy who deserves whatever results nature throws in ~ him. The third-person point of see does not give the reader intimate accessibility to the man’s thoughts or feelings, and also as a result, the reader has no an option but come conclude that the man is certainly an arrogant and also naïve fool.

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