I just started a new game of soul Silver and the very first thing ns saw as soon as I to walk outside, was Marill, Lyra and I as black color squares. I haven't used any type of save stats for this game, nor did i really obtain the chance to save, as I literally had just started. Right now the top display is totally black and I preserved on changing my 3D settings, but that didn't work.

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I understand this is a usual glitch, yet the only answers I could find to be "Don't use conserve States", which i haven't also used.

My Graphics map is AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, v 8 Cores, 4GHz (w/o oc) and has 16GB that RAM. I'm right now using snucongo.org 0.9.11 x64 and as far as I'm aware, every one of my chauffeurs are as much as date and also that I'm utilizing the latest variation of the emulator.

But I'm not USING conserve States.

Also it's kinda cheap to crash the game the moment you begin it. I swear I only played with this video game once with little crashes. Maybe it crashes an ext at the start of the game?

Great! Next: execute reset the emulator frequently.

When is "the moment you begin it"? If it's before the game also boots up, simply sitting at a white screen, climate thats no the very same as "marill, lyra, and also I as black color squares", so ns dont know what youre talk about. If youre tho talking around marill, lyra, and also I as black color squares, then I suppose it can happen in the first 4 minute of the game if you to be unlucky, although typically it take away a while to manifest

Then she unprecedentedly ominous or still have cheats active.  It's theoretically possible, if youre loading from an in-game save, the there are certain scenarios that cause the pest to strike more rapidly, yet that wouldve to be the an initial I've ever before heard of the over plenty of years.

After you usage cheats, disable them, save, climate reset the game, will certainly the video game still be much more likely to crash? Or does the only take place when friend still have actually them on?

cheats may have damaged your conserve file. However likely not. If the cheats are gone, the game should no longer be bugged, but a bunch of human being clamor confusing around it gift otherwise (which isnt really possible) so i dont understand what to think.

I dont recognize anything around that. Yet I can use logic. Cheats can break games. Cheats can fix games. Cheat which purport to resolve X in a game may rest Y in a game.

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Try downloading a fresh snucongo.org and also transplanting her rom and .dsv file. In case you're unaware of every little thing youve adjusted in snucongo.org, this will help clean it as lot as possible.