Now you"re back at Goldenrod City. Now, heal her Pokemon, and it"s back to the Radio Tower!

Radio Tower once Again

The various other floors that the Radio Tower (which cannot be accessedbefore), can be now. The poor news: The floors room filled with Rockets. The very first thing that you"ll needto carry out it quite easy. Defeat the Rocket members together you do it to the top. Over there is a locked door on thethird floor; It"ll be opened later on on.

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There is a Rocket executive, management on the peak floor that is impersonating as the Director. Win him, and also he"llgive friend the an essential to unlock the door to the secret Warehouse, which can be reached by walk intothe secret Tunnel in this city.

Your rival was following you, and wants to fight friend (so annoying). He has actually a Sneasel, among the newdark-type Pokemon. Still, his Pokemon are quite weak.

Next friend will have to press switches to open up doors and remove walls. To gain to the woman Rocket leader you must push the switches in this order: The Left switch (#3), then middle (#2), climate the appropriate one (#1).Save The Director

You"ll it is in battling much more Rockets till you lastly meet the Radio Tower"s Director. He"ll giveyou the Card Key come unlock the locked door top top the third floor. The course, you"ll now have to unlockthe door. ~ that, beat the rest of the Rockets.

Rainbow Wing, silver- Wing, Or clean Bell

The manager will pertained to thank friend after you loss all the Rockets. He"ll also give girlfriend a specialWing, something you"ll need in bespeak to catch either one of two legend birds. You"ll getthe Rainbow Wing (to capture Ho-oh) in yellow Version, or the Silver Wing (to record Lugia)if you have the silver Version. In Crystal, he"ll give you a Clear Bell for recording Suicune later.


Before exiting the Radio Tower, go approximately to talk to two people. They"ll give you complimentary items.A girl in a green dress will offer you a Pink Bow, and this other girl will provide you TM11 - sunny Day.

Free Pokemon

Before leave the city, protect against by this residence near the waters on the west to get a free Pokemon (Eevee)from Bill. Prefer before, you"ll require to have actually a place to hold one much more Pokemon. After that, head back toMahogany Town, and also go come the ice Path.

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Ice Path

Exit Mahogany town to the east until you reach a lake. Take it the course that leads over the lake. Proceed heading eastern until you reach a cave. This is ice cream Path. Job-related your means through the path and also skate throughout the ice. Don"t forget to choose up HM 07 - Waterfall which enables you to walk up waterfalls. You are going to need it shortly after you get the eighth badge. On the second floor, you will have to push some boulders down a couple of holes. On the 5th floor, you"ll find TM 44 - Rest. After ~ that, you have to come out on the various other side that the cavern in Blackthorn City.

Locations (Ice Path)
Crystal areas (Ice Path)

Click below For A Map Of ice cream Path

Basement KeyCard KeyRW or SW or clean BellPink BowTM 11 - clear DayHM 07 - WaterfallTM 44 - Rest