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Yes, I"m a newbe. Haven"t own an atv in a long time and also I am looking come get back into it. Go 4 wheeling a couple of weeks ago with a girlfriend that has actually two more recent Polaris 500ho Sportsmans. Great machines and they seem come go through anything. Virtually bought a 2 wheel drive sports quad because that the trip. Glad i didn"t since is wouldn"t have actually made the through few of the stuff us were riding. The scrambler seems prefer a great 4x4 sport quad. Ns don"t recognize much about them. I view Polaris make a 400cc 2 stroke and a 500ccHO 4 stroke. I"m in search of some an excellent feed back on the differences between these 2 machines. Reliability, power, performance, speed.... Any feed back would be great! Thanks.


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Im a two stroke guy, so ns vote for the 2stroke! yet people either love them or dislike them. I have rode both the 400 scrambler and also 500 scrambler, but were you space going come ride will certainly be most important. So allows talk...First, you require to uncover out if the locations you arrangement to drive will allow 2-strokes. Sad together it is, many locations are starting to outlaw 2-stroke anythings since of the smoke and noise castle make. If this is going to be a problem, walk 4-stroke, if not, then its that no concern.400 Scrambler-Im not sure how acquainted you space with any of this, so ns will begin from the basics. 2-strokes are usually lighter (engine wise) then 4strokes. Maintenance has tendency to easier and also cheaper ~ above a 2-stroke, yet needed more often. Girlfriend will must rebuild the top end of a 2stroke a lot an ext then a 4stroke. (Most that the time). But, there space no valves to adjust, there is no oil changes (gearcase and diffs, yes, but engine case, no). 2strokes are simply, and easy to work on. Friend will need to front the price of 2stroke oil which deserve to be expensive come buy, but, a large jug (like 1 gallon) will last you a an extremely long time. It is going to smoke, the is walk to it is in noisy, however thats a typical 2stroke. Acceleration top top a 2stroke is awesome! I would be comfortable to say the 400 scrambler will certainly out advice the 500 scrambler. Optimal speed will certainly be close to a attract on stock machines. Two strokes tend to not have any kind of bottom end power, they perform not preferred to be lugged. The joke is, they space either no accelerator or vast open throttle, it is the just two points they know. It is a half truth though. They get up and go well. If you room going to it is in riding in open areas, sand dunes, flats, deserts, or open trails, a 2stroke is a good machine. Tight, technological riding, you might be much better off ~ above the 4stoke, it will be an ext forgiving and easier to manage (this is where the 4strokes capacity to have much more useable bottom end power come in). Not to say you i do not know ride technological on a 2stroke, you definitely can! It simply takes much more patience and skill.Reliablilty-Good if friend do suitable maintenance. It will certainly need much more engine work then a 4stroke in that lifetime, yet its easier and cheaper to execute then any type of 4stroke. The that kinda washes each other out in mine book.Power- Great, in my book, plentyAcceleration- Again, great, more than likely will accelerate to optimal speed a small faster climate the 500 scramblerSpeed- Stock for stock, going to be about a wash. Plenty of peak speed for most varieties of follow riding. Aftermarket parts deserve to bump this up.500 Scrambler-Now you space looking at things favor valve adjustments and oil changes, neither room a huge deal though. Acceleration is tho good, it will be lot quietier and wont(read: shouldn"t) smoke the end the exhaust. Aftermarket components are probably less complicated to come by for the 500 since there space much much more 500 scramblers then their 400 size brother. The large advantage is much more useable low finish power. Tight technical terrain will be a favourite of the 500 scrambler. Reliablilty- Again, good, if appropriate maintenance is donePower- Good, will more than likely want more after friend ride that (who doesnt desire more?) and also this is a maker with aftermarket parts to followPerformance- Good, just like its 400 size brother, that is a right rear axle, therefore the suspension will not it is in a smooth as and IRS machine.Speed-Good, most likely a hair slower and acceleration compared to the 400. The Scrambler is a great machine that hasnt changed in quite a while. It is straightforward to occupational on. I would take either one. They space pretty close. Most world perfer 4strokes, for this reason the 400 type of faded the end of format to make room because that the 500. I still enjoy a 2stroke quad. They are simple, through brutal power. Just fun! The 500 scrambler is an ext gentle, but still have the right to be a monster. Both room a step listed below a predator or outlaw as much as a true sport quad goes, however thats no the architecture intention.As friend noted, its 4x4. That a little an ext heavy, not fairly the suspension take trip numbers, not rather as brutal acceleration as the sport qauds, (because that the CVT tranny). Yet it is a very nice blend between utility quad and also sportquad. I recognize it sound cliche, however its something a newbie deserve to enjoy all the way up to a seasoned rider. That a good machine all around. Either of them.I expect I offered you sufficient info to make the choice yourself.