Solar covers help to maintain warmer water and also prevent the evaporation the water and also chemicals, both which save you money!

There space several means to solar warmth your pool, yet solar covers are the most effective way to exploit the sun’s energy.

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A current study reflects that Solar Blankets prevent 5-times more evaporative warm loss, when compared to liquid Solar Covers, and also Solar sun Rings.

Solar cover Selection

We choose to say that we have actually a solar blanket for every budget. Once you pick the size of solar ceiling – you’ll be presented through several choices of color and also thickness. Solar consists come in 8 mil, 12 mil and 16 mil – each with longer warranty periods.

For color choices, you can pick from our standard Blue solar blankets in 8 or 12 mil, or upgrade to our Blue/Black solar cover in 12 mil, v a dark bottom to trap an ext heat in the pool. For the many durability and also highest warmth gain, look in ~ the 16 mil Ultra clean (opaque actually) blankets. We market a wide selection of solar covers to meet any kind of budget, and also pool heater needs.

8 Mil Solar Cover 


Thinnest cover, lightweightLowest priceIncreases pool temperature approximately 10 degrees (F)3-year restricted warranty

12 Mil Solar Cover


Happy medium for thickness and also weightModerate priceIncreases pool temperature as much as 15 levels (F)7-year restricted warranty

16 Mil Solar Cover 


Thickest cover, more heavier weightHighest priceIncreases pool temperature up to 18 levels (F)8-year restricted warranty

How to Compare swimming pool Solar Covers

Extruded or Laminated Material?Air Pocket architecture Shape?Reflective Coating?Thickness?Warranty?

Solar blankets are make from a UV-stabilized form of polyethylene or polypropylene material. Larger pool blankets room made from rolls of material that are warm sealed together. The far better solar pool covers room made of one extruded one-piece material, fairly than a laminated top and also bottom, and also will be thicker, with much longer warranty periods.

Solar sheathe Sizing

To recognize what size solar pool cover friend need, simply measure the longest and also widest points of the pool. Once the sheathe is installed, it’s finest to totally covers the water surface ar so there aren’t any kind of gaps for warm to escape. Solar covers are easily cut to fit – freeform or kidney shaped pools usage an rectangle-shaped size that fully covers the pool, and also trim it under to fit the swimming pool shape.

Solar consist of are accessible in round, oval or rectangular shapes. You may notice we offer in-ground and above ground solar covers, but there is no difference in the material. Generally, oval and also round covers are installed on over ground pools and also rectangular consists on in soil pools, yet depending on your pool shape – you may be much better off to buy oval or round over ground solar consists for your in-ground pool.

“L” shame pools or other huge pools may find it far better to buy two (or more) smaller sized solar blankets, rather of purchase one larger cover and also cutting it to size. It might be cheaper overall, in enhancement to reducing material waste.

For pools through a action section that demands to it is in covered, don’t worry about purchasing an overlapping blanket and also cutting come size, simply purchase a step ar piece. In The Swim offers 4’x8’ piece of solar blanket for action sections in 12mil and also 16mil material.

Custom Solar Covers: If your pool is bigger than our biggest 30×60 rectangle, 21×41 oval or 33 round, save in mind that In The Swim can special order larger sizes, tradition solar covers, in nearly any square or rectangle-shaped size you want. You will still need to trim it if you have actually a free form pool shape.

Solar cover Installation


The balloon Side deals with Down

If your swimming pool is rectangular, round or oval and you to be able to discover a cover the is your exact pool size, climate the job of installing your solar blanket is pretty simple – simply lay the covering on the pool with the bubble side encountering down, and also the smooth side facing up.

If you have a freeform pool and need to cut the ceiling to fit, the best means to perform it would be to acquire a helper come stretch the cover out taut end the swimming pool to pull the end the pack wrinkles.

Place part light weights around the cover to hold it in place. Nothing too heavy or spicy of course, you don’t desire to damage the cover. Winter covering water tubes would be a great choice. Don’t worry around the cover gift drum-tight, it need to be floating ~ above the water, and also evenly overlapping the pool coping.

Once you have the cover in place, very closely cut two sides that the solar cover roughly the perimeter the the pool, cutting ideal up versus the coping inside edge, to make certain there i will not ~ be any kind of gaps between the cover and also the pool wall surface when it is lied on the water. When fifty percent of the sheathe is cut, use your swimming pool brush to press the cut sides up against the leaf of the pool, and also to smooth the end the blanket, remove air balloon beneath.

For pools with numerous surrounding trees and debris, part folks favor to reduced the sheathe larger, to keep leaves native falling in roughly the edges. This works ideal on rectangle-shaped pools – it’s more difficult to acquire the solar blanket to place flat versus curved wall surface sections.

If girlfriend do try this method, friend may also want to cut a square flap that solar blanket material to insert right into the skimmer. This allows you to use a hose and/or your pool brush to clean the solar cover, directing the debris on optimal of the cover into the skimmer, before removing the blanket.

A sharp razor knife is the usual device for cutting a solar swimming pool cover to fit the pool. Be cautious not to reduced off also much, you can always trim off added if necessary. And also it’s yes (normal) if your cuts room not perfect!

Solar cover Use

Generally speaking, girlfriend should have the solar sheathe on the swimming pool whenever the swimming pool is no being used. Throughout the day, having the cover on the pool helps to protect against water and also chemical evaporation in the hot sun and also warms the pool. At night that will help to insulate the water, to maintain the heat you have got throughout the day.

There space times as soon as you need to not use a solar cover. Eliminate the cover throughout heavy storms and also wind events, come prevent damage from flying debris. Eliminate the cover prior to shocking a pool, and also leave it off until chlorine level drop below 2.5 ppm. Low pH and alkalinity, and low hardness (soft water) can likewise damage solar ceiling material.

Solar cover Care

Solar consists are sturdy as they deserve to be while remaining flexible, yet are topic to damages from unbalanced water, and also quickly deteriorate with high levels of chlorine. Vital to keep in mind – as chemical damage is not extended under any kind of warranty.


Chlorine Damaged Solar Blanket

High Chlorine: Solar covers should never be offered after shocking or super-chlorinating the pool. Leaving a solar covering safely save in the the shade whenever chlorine level is higher than 2.5 ppm.

Low pH: Solar consists will likewise degrade in acidic pH levels, as soon as pH falls listed below neutral 7.0.

Low Calcium: really soft water through calcium hardness levels listed below 150 ppm, can literally sucking the plasticizers straight out of your solar blanket, making that rigid and also crispy.

Using solar ceiling reels can prolong the life of her solar blanket, maintaining it rolled up stays clear of pinching and folding, and protects the cover native (some) damaging UV rays. Reels additionally make it easier to clean the cover if removing it from the pool, and also lets you roll the cover the end of the way, or into the shade.

Solar Degradation: when rolled top top a solar reel, or urgently on the deck, great of solar blanket material focus and also magnify the sun’s rays top top deeper layers, i beg your pardon weakens the material and can discolor the cover through a ‘sun-burn’ (also not covered under warranty).

It’s a bit ironic the the sun can damages a solar blanket, yet if left rolled up or urgent in one clear spot throughout hot summer months (or all winter long), solar covers will certainly fail faster.

Cover her cover when on the reel through the Solar sheathe Poly Tarp, a long piece the white plastic through Velcro attachments, or for higher protection usage the heavy-duty Solar sheathe Winter Cover, both easily accessible in several sizes come fit your reel perfectly.

Winter Solar sheathe Care

During winter, save your solar blanket out of the elements, at home if possible, as an extremely cold cold temps can reason cold cracking. Carry out not leaving a solar blanket on the pool during winter.

Clean and dry your solar blanket, then wrinkles or roll it up for for sure storage. A large Rubbermaid bin or upright drum deserve to be offered for maximum defense from sun, dirt and also nesting rodents.

If you have actually no room to save a huge solar blanket during the turn off season, you can keep it rolled up strict on the solar reel. If stored outside, wrap that up through our Solar blanket Winter cover shown above (a winter cover because that the summer cover!).

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The us Department of power would like pool owner to boost their use of swimming pool covers, come reduce energy demands and also pool heater emissions. Carry out your component by investing in a solar blanket the will conserve you money and make your swimming pool more enjoyable. Check out the full DOE article.

If girlfriend have any kind of questions around sizing a solar ceiling or you have identified that you have to purchase a larger custom solar swimming pool cover, please offer us a contact at 1-800-288-7946 – we are below to help!