Retiling her pool deserve to turn your desires of lounging alongside a sparkling insta-worthy pool right into a reality. Pool tiling costs can vary relying on how huge your swimming pool is and also what kind of tiles friend use. Overall, you can expect to pay an mean of about $3,500 to replace tiling in a standard-sized pool.

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Whether you replacing pool tiling to repair damages or simply to give your pool a fresh brand-new look, the can expense anywhere native $1 to $100 every square foot to change the tiling in a pool. Overall, the average cost to replace pooling tiling is around $25 per square foot, yet the final price depends on what form of tile you use.

Porcelain and also ceramic pool tiles cost roughly $1 and also $35 every square foot. Pricier glass and mosaic swimming pool tiles deserve to cost in between $35 and also $100 per square foot. But no issue what kind of tiling you choose, the end result will be a spotless swimming pool that you can enjoy every summer long.

Because pool tile costs can differ so widely, that a good idea to know what kind of product you may have the ability to afford on her budget.

With a spending plan of $2,000, you can afford to retile a small pool of around 80 square feet v most varieties of tiling. To cut down on pool tile costs, consider going with a much less expensive choice such together porcelain or ceramic.

If you have actually $3,000 to spare, you have the right to expect to be able to retile a tool sized pool of about 120 square feet v most types of tiling. You may be able to afford costlier products like marble or travertine.

You have the right to expect to be comfortably under budget plan if you decide to retile a standard-sized pool of about 160 square feet v a budget plan of $4,000. You have the right to afford most species of tiling, including ceramic, porcelain, granite, or marble. Due to the fact that the average cost of replacing pool tiling is $3,500, this budget gives girlfriend a small wiggle room to splurge ~ above extra features like decorate mosaic or glass tiles.

With a spending plan of $5,000, you deserve to retile a large pool of end 200 square feet, or use luxury materials for your project. Because that example, friend may be able to afford pricier glass or mosaic tiles for your pool.

Thinking around cutting your pool tile expenses by acquisition a DIY approach? since labor expenses an median of $30 to $120 every hour, you can potentially save several hundred dollars by installing pool tiles yourself. 

That said, us don’t recommend tackling this job on her own. Having a professional install your pool tiles can aid to ensure the the task is successful and you don’t finish up v crooked or uneven tiles. A pool tile repair company near friend will have the ability to give girlfriend a an ext personalized quote and also figure out services within her budget.


The main components that influence the cost to change pool tiles room labor and how much you splurge top top materials.

Pool tiling can expense anywhere from $1 come $100 per square foot. Standard tiling choices like porcelain and ceramic are more affordable, while specialty materials like glass and also mosaic tiles cost more.

Labor to replace pool tiling typically costs in between $30 and $120 every hour, but can become an ext expensive depending on the size and also surface product of her pool.

Whether you’re specialized to your morning swim or as with cooling off on warm summer afternoons, instead of your pool tile can make lazing poolside one even an ext enjoyable activity. Pool tiling varieties include porcelain, marble, glass, and also more.

Ceramic swimming pool tiles cost between $1 and $35 per square foot. This kind of tile is just one of the an ext affordable alternatives while still comes in many of different attractive color combinations to suit any type of style. Ceramic tiles are also really durable and also easy come maintain.

At $2 to $56 every square foot, porcelain is another reasonably affordable option. Porcelain tiles are denser and also even more durable 보다 ceramic tiles. Porcelain swimming pool tiles come in a selection of colors and also patterns, for this reason you can customize your pool’s look.

Limestone pool tiles price an average of $2 to $11 every square foot. Limestone is exceptionally durable and also comes in a range of beautiful natural colors.

Travertine is another type of stone tile it is a famous option for swimming pool tiling. Travertine tiles commonly cost somewhere in between $3 and also $30 every square foot. They have actually a smooth, natural rock appearance, and are likewise often offered for swimming pool steps and decks.

Granite pool tiles expense an median of $5 come $6 per square foot. This affordable and long-lasting tiling option functions bold textures that room sure to make a statement in your pool. Granite swimming pool tiles space also really durable, making them a sturdy and also long-lasting alternative for your pool.

If she going for a sleek, sophisticated pool look, marble tiling is a great option. This tiles generally cost in between $10 and $20 every square foot. Marble is less sturdy than part other materials like granite and also limestone.

Glass tiles room a luxury tiling choice with an average cost of $7 come $50 per square foot. Glass is less long lasting and much more expensive than various other tiling options, yet if you have actually a generosity budget, glass tiles room a good way to make your swimming pool stand out.

Mosaic tiling costs between $75 and also $100 per square foot. While much more expensive 보다 other varieties of tiling, mosaic tiles can produce a unique and also eye-catching sample for your pool.


Some of the price factors to store in mind as soon as deciding to retile your pool include how big your pool is, the kind of tile you use, and also whether your swimming pool needs any other connected repairs.

Costs vary depending on how huge your swimming pool is. Larger pools not just required an ext tiles, but they likewise take longer to install, resulting in greater labor costs. Labor commonly costs between $30 and also $120 per hour.

Whether you pick an affordable ceramic brick or an expensive glass mosaic, the form of brick is another far-ranging cost factor. Tiles can cost anywhere native $1 to $100 per square foot.

If you need to replace swimming pool tiling, odds space your pool might be due for some various other repairs. Because that example, repairing or instead of the vinyl liner have the right to cost in between $350 and $4,100.

The ideal pool tile for you is one that looks great and fits your budget. If you have your heart collection on a certain tile however can’t bought to tile your totality pool in the style, consider tiling only a little area or portion of your pool through specialty tile.

Because replacing pool tiles requires totally draining your pool, the a good opportunity to finish other projects. You may want to replace your pool’s vinyl liner, fix cracks, change your swimming swimming pool heater, or also take ~ above the price to resurface your pool.

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Proper swimming pool maintenance is essential to expand the life of your pool and make certain that her tiles watch shiny new for years to come. Consistent pool maintenance can also help to ensure the you and also your guests room safe as soon as swimming. You should be certain to clean your pool on a weekly basis, adjust your pool’s chemistry once needed, and make certain that water is turn properly.