Clipnote Studio is described as "Clipnote studio is straightforward animation software and a spiritual successor to the now defunct Flipnote studio by Nintendo. Clipnote enables you come create an easy animations the you can share with your friends". There room nine choices to Clipnote Studio because that a range of platforms, consisting of Windows, virtual / Web-based, Android, iPhone and also Mac. The best alternative is Stickman & Elemento. It"s no free, so if you"re looking for a cost-free alternative, friend could shot Draw Cartoons 2 or Stickman Builder. Other good apps favor Clipnote Studio room StickyPy (Free, open up Source), stick Nodes (Freemium), stickman animation (Free, open Source) and TISFAT (Free).

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Create 2D cartoons and also web animations in minutes It is unique: produce your own layout of animation, or combine multiple! it is deep: scales from beginner to professional, a life lengthy journey! that is complete: whatever you require from begin to finish!
Create your very own fascinating stick figures on the fly with this free parametric graphics Stickman Builder! crucial features: - It's parametric! No must painfully squint if the arms are the same length - they instantly are!
Stick Nodes is an app that permits you come easily develop your own stickfigure-based animations! You're only limited by your very own creativity, the possibilities the what girlfriend can produce are endless.
Simple stick computer animation using javascript. Features: lines, circles, arcs heat colors and also widths zoom add & delete frames change number of calculated intermediate frames conserve as gif save jobs run in your ar or ~ above a webserver

The official website is no longer available. Last version,, exit on November 2008, deserve to be still downloaded from Softonic

ChalkMotion is a a cooperation library of an easy hand drawn images and online presentation tool, draft to assist visualize and also share ideas. Choose from numerous images, or draw your own.
Stick figure Master (SFM) is a freeware net application that deserve to be used to create and share 2D animations of pole figure personalities using pose-to-pose or frame-by-frame animation techniques.
* is a cost-free service that helps girlfriend find better alternatives come the commodities you love and also hate.

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