examine teeth and mouth organization to diagnose and treat an illness or abnormalities. Clinical doctor
Dental Hygienistworks under supervision the dentist to remove stains and deposits from the teeth
Dental activities Techniciana person who makes dental prostheses and also orthodontic appliances. Have the right to be entrepreneur, functions under created orders native dentist
Dental Assistantassist dentist by prepare patients, passing instruments, preparing dental material, sterilizing instruments.

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Medical activities Technologistresponsible for clinical test performed under supervision that a physician or clinical technologist.
Phlebotomistone that draws blood from patient of donors for dignostic experimentation or other clinical purposes
Radiologic Technologisttake x-ray photos for medical professional to read and diagnose issue
Epidemiologista specialist in the research of outbreaks of condition within a population group
Biomedical Engineerperson that uses design to solve troubles in biology and also medicine to enhance patient care and also design brand-new medical devices
Emergency clinical Technician Paramedicprovide advanced levels of treatment for medical emergencies and trauma.
Emergency clinical Technician Intermediatean individual who has training in straightforward life support, consisting of automated exterior defibrillation, use of a critical airway adjunct, and assisting patients with specific medications
Emergency clinical Technician Ambulance/Basicprovides simple care for clinical emergencies, illness, injury
Medical document Administratorskilled in regulating an information system that meets medical, ethical, and also legal requirements, translate in statistics and directing and also controlling medical record staff
Medical Transcriptionistlistens to voice that physicians and also other health experts make and converts them right into written reports
Unit Secretary (Ward Clerk)places physician's orders, answers phone call calls, pages other specialists/doctors, and also organizes the patient's paperwork
Medical Illustratorcreates illustrations because that science and also medical texts and other publications
Dental careersFocus top top the health of the teeth and also the soft tissue
Diagnostic servicesCreating a snapshot of the wellness status of patience at a single point in time. They carry out tests or evaluations that assist in the diagnosis of disease or various other physical condition
Emergency clinical servicesProvide emergency, prehospital treatment to victim of accident, injuries, or sudden illnesses.

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Health information and also communication servicesInvolved v documentation o patient records and also health information.