Fix Error code 80020148:The error 80020148occurs as soon as you try to launch gamings in her PlayStation Portable (PSP). It come up with a blog post ‘The game can not be started’.

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It stays clear of you from loading the game so you need to fix the error in order to start and also enjoy the games in your PlayStation.

An outdated firmware in your PlayStation Portable may likewise be the cause of this error.We will certainly share below some easy means to Fix the Error password 80020148 (The game can not it is in started) on Windows really quickly.

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Fix the Error code 80020148

Update & Activate a new Version of Firmware:

Once you get the error 80020148, you don’t have to be concerned about it together it have the right to be addressed in basic steps.

First, you have to log onto the game stations Portable site and also look for the latest version of the firmware.Then, you have to download that on her system.Now, you have to plug your PlayStation Portable right into your computer through the USB port by means of cord that is contained with her PSP.You just exploit the left arrow key to begin off the Settings and also then press X.Next, you have the right to see the list whereby you have to pick USB Connection in bespeak to open the PSP home window on your system.Now, select View all files and also folders. ~ that, you have to double-click ~ above PSP and also choose Games → Update.Drag the downloaded document of a firmware update to the Update folder.You have to detach your PSP from her computer and also then push the appropriate arrow crucial until you view the Games icon.After that, indigenous the list, you have to select PSP Update and also follow the on-screen instructions.In order to activate the firmware’s new version, you need to restart your PSP.Finally, you can try to load the games on PSP and also make sure whether the error it s okay fixed.


Hopefully, this short article guided you to Fix the Error code 80020148 (The game might not be started) on windows easily. You just follow the steps and also get rid of this error so you can play your wanted PSP gamings on your system. Don’t forget come share her comments/feedback in the below section. Thanks for visiting Windows Jet.

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