No evidence that this phrasing is as result of Stalin, and it walk not appear in English translations the his philosphical works. Earliest English is discovered in 1979 in united state defense industry, presumably defense consultant cutting board A. Callaghan Jr. The connection of adequate quantitative adjust leading to qualitative change is found in Marxist philosophy, by Marx and Engels, drawing from Hegelian viewpoint and old Greek philosophy. Marx and also Engels room quoted through Stalin, yet this formulation shows up to it is in a contemporary American form; see amount for details.Stalin may have actually said that way before people War II, there is evidence in his Russian-language books, for example here amount is quality.Source: Re: "Quantity has actually a quality all that own" source?, Tim Davenport, h-russia, April 5, 2010

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Joseph Stalin95General secretary the the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1879 - 1953

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„Love is a quality, no a quantity.“

— Vanna Bonta Italian-American writer, poet, inventor, actress, voice artist (1958-2014) 1958 - 2014

Shades the the human being (1985)


„To me, it's always about quality not quantity.“

— Amy Lee American singer-songwriter and also pianist 1981

Lee explaining why she's not releasing her music "too often" in the show small talk


„It is top quality rather than amount that matters.“

— Seneca the Younger roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, and also dramatist -4 - 65 BC

Original: (la) no refert quam multos sed quam bonos habeas.Source: Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium (Moral letter to Lucilius), Letter XLV: on sophistical argumentation, line 1


„The amount of world is measured by the quality of imagination.“

— Victor Hugo, book Les Misérables

Source: Les Misérables

„Any large organization must shed some of the merits the its rudimentary beginnings. Quantity will have actually a coarsening effect on quality.“

— man Buchan brothers politician 1875 - 1940

Augustus (1937)

„Rest comes no from the quantity yet from the quality of sleep.“

— G. I. Gurdjieff significant spiritual teacher, Armenian philosopher, composer and writer 1866 - 1949


„Wherever over there are qualities there are likewise quantities, but not always vice versa.“

— johannes Kepler German mathematician, astronomer and also astrologer 1571 - 1630

Vol. VIII, p. 47ff.Joannis Kepleri Astronomi Opera Omnia, ed. Christian Frisch (1858)

„It is the high quality of our work which will please God, not the quantity.“

— Mahatma Gandhi pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism throughout British-ruled India 1869 - 1948

„The vulgarity of the myth of modernity is plainly revealed through the preeminence in its mythology the the determinants of quantity; come be contemporary is constantly to beat the record in some respect. Distinction, therefore, is opposed to modernity as top quality is to quantity.“

— Charles Baudouin French-Swiss psychoanalyst 1893 - 1963

section 15The legend of Modernity (1946)

„You deserve to listen come silence, Reuven. I've started to realize the you deserve to listen to silence and learn indigenous it. It has a quality and dimension all its own.“

— Chaim Potok, publication The Chosen

Danny Saunders come Reuven MalterSource: The liked (1967)

„We have actually to lug in quality, to offer us the amount we need.“

— Billy Davies Scottish association football player and also manager 1964 looks to the loan sector after Earnshaw's injury and a winless start to the season.

„A to decrease in the amount of legislation generally way an increase in the quality of life.“

— George will American newspaper columnist, journalist, and also author 1941

„Quantity produces quality. If you just write a few things, you're doomed.“

— beam Bradbury American writer 1920 - 2012

„When… we have actually a collection of values of a amount which continually diminish, and also in together a way, that name any type of quantity us may, however small, all the values, after a details value, space severally much less than the quantity, then the symbol whereby the values space denoted is stated to diminish without limit. And if the collection of values increase in succession, so the name any quantity us may, however great, all after a specific point will be greater, climate the collection is claimed to rise without limit. That is likewise frequently said, once a quantity diminishes without limit, the it has actually nothing, zero or 0, because that its limit: and that once it increases without border it has infinity or ∞ or 1⁄0 for its limit.“

— Augustus De Morgan brother mathematician, philosopher and university teacher (1806-1871) 1806 - 1871

Introductory Chapter, pp.9-10The Differential and also Integral Calculus (1836)

„Color is mostly Quality. Secondly, it is additionally Weight, for it has actually not only color value but likewise brilliance. Thirdly, that is Measure, for besides Quality and also Weight, it has its limits, its area, and its extent, all of which may be measured.Tone value is mostly Weight, however in its extent and also its boundaries, it is likewise Measure.Line, however, is specifically Measure.“

— Paul Klee German Swiss artist 1879 - 1940

Quote native Klee's great 'On modern-day Art', Kunstverein, Jena (26 January 1924), trans. Paul Findlay in Paul Klee: On contemporary Art (London, 1948)1921 - 1930

„Rather, for all objects and also experiences over there is a amount that has an optimum value. Over that quantity, the variable becomes toxic. Come fall listed below that worth is to it is in deprived.“

— Gregory Bateson English anthropologist, society scientist, linguist, intuitive anthropologist, semiotician and also cyberneticist 1904 - 1980

Source: Mind and Nature: A crucial Unity, 1979, p. 56

„The difference between the Jewish soul, in every its independence, within desires, longings, character and standing, and also the spirit of all the Gentiles, on all of their levels, is greater and also deeper than the difference between the spirit of a man and also the spirit of one animal, for the distinction in the latter situation is one of quantity, when the difference in the first case is one of important quality.“

— Abraham Isaac Kook, publication Orot

„What we need to do is make progression in the quality of connection in between people, no the quantity of consumption.“

— Larry Harvey Founder that Burning male 1948 - 2018

"The Wonderful, Weird economy of burning Man" in The Atlantic (18 respectable 2014) we don’t think the people can it is in Woodstock … Who’d think the human being could be a perpetual carnival? but we execute think the the civilization could rediscover worths that used to be automatically produced by culture but aren’t no longer because society is subject to the commodification in our world. Every little thing is sold back to us, targeted to demographics. What we need to do is make progress in the high quality of connection in between people, not the amount of consumption.

„The demand for money is regulated totally by that value, and its value by that is quantity.“

— David Ricardo British political economist, broker and politician 1772 - 1823

Source: The values of political Economy and Taxation (1821) (Third Edition), thing XIII, taxes on Gold, p. 123

„Distinctions have to be kept in mind in between quantity and quality the growth, in between its costs and return, and between the short and the long term. Objectives for an ext growth should specify an ext growth of what and for what.“

— Simon Kuznets economist 1901 - 1985

Simon Kuznets in: Herbert David Croly eds. (1962) The new Republic Vol. 147. P. 29: around rethinking the mechanism of national accounting

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