RCA F27669 27" CRT TV - Use hand-operated - Use guide PDF. Documents: go to donwload! Owner"s hand-operated - (English)

RCA F27669 television User’s GuideChanging Entertainment. Again. Essential Information

WARNING To alleviate the threat of fire or electric shock, carry out not expose this product come rain or moisture.

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RISK WARNING - the DO electrical NOT OPENSHOCKTo cover Refer mitigate (or servicing back). The danger to No qualified the user electrical serviceable service shock, personnel. Do parts not inside. Remove

This price indicatesNewest Added: RFR160-Purple MA1201 RFR115-Blue SR30C RFR115-BlackThis symbol indicates "dangerous voltage" inside essential instructions the product that presents a hazard of electrical shock or accompanying the product. An individual injury.

Caution: to prevent electric shock, match broad blade of plug to large slot, fully insert.

Attention: to water éviter les chocs électriques, introduire la lame la plus big de la fiche dans la borne correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqú au fond.Refer to the identification/rating label situated on the back panel of her product for its suitable operating voltage.

FCC regulation state that unauthorized alters or modifications to this devices may void the user’s government to run it.

If resolved (non-moving) photos are left on the display screen for lengthy periods, they may be permanently imprinted top top the photo tube. Such images include network logos, call numbers, and video games. This damage is not extended by your warranty. Expanded viewing of channels displaying these photos should it is in avoided.

Cable TV Installer: This reminder is listed to speak to your fist to article 820-40 the the National electrical Code (Section 54 the the Canadian electric Code, part 1) which provides guidelines for ideal grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground candlestick be linked to the grounding device of the building as close to the point of cable entry as practical.

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G-LINK, VCR Plus+, C3, PlusCode, overview Plus+, and GUIDE Plus+ Gold room trademarks the Gemstar advance Corporation.

Thomson multimedia Inc. And Gemstar space not in any way liable because that the accuracy of the routine in

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The G-LINK cable permits the overview Plus+ mechanism (the on-screen interactive regimen guide) towork v your VCR and/or cable box. Cable crate – If your TV is connected to a cable box you must connect the G-LINK cable come receiveTV program listings for your area, and to tune directly to a channel once the program guide is onyour TV screen. VCR – If your TV is associated to a VCR and also you don"t attach the G-LINK cable, one-touch VCRrecording won"t work. The other functions of the guide will job-related properly