"New Jersey and my guy with the beard," Curtis captioned the PDA-filled photo with her new boyfriend

The star that HGTV’s Rehab Addict, 42, common an Instagram on Sunday showing her brand-new boyfriend through a photograph of the lovebirds kissing if she sat on his lap.

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“New Jersey and also my male with the mustache …❤️” Curtis wrote, attract a black dress together her brand-new man was dressed official in a suit and also tie.

The truth star shared much more photos the her and her new beau’s expedition to brand-new Jersey because that the weekend.

“Our before,” Curtis wrote on a photo of the pair dressed casually that she post on she Instagram Story, when the adhering to photos featured castle in your formalwear. The sweet snaps consisted of one of she boyfriend addressing Curtis’s dress together she take it a mirror selfie with the caption, “One critical adjustment before.”



In the final photo, Curtis wrote, “After” on a picture of the couple, adding a love emoji together they do together and also smiled for an additional mirror selfie.




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The home innovation star’s brand-new romance comes after a years-long custody battle with her ex, Shane Maguire.

Last July, Maguire, v whom Curtis shares son Harper, 3, filed for sole custody of their child, alleging the Curtis was “not a fit” mommy because, he says, she had intentionally inhibited his court-ordered time v their child.

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In October 2018, Curtis and Maguire got to a settlement that allowed them to preserve joint custody of Harper. Based on the terms of that agreement, neither parent is required to pay kid support.

However, before the covenant was signed, Curtis to be allegedly receiving $1,200/month in child support from Maguire, follow to The Blast.

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As component of their most recent deal, Curtis additionally agreed to produce a trust for Harper that has $250,000, which Maguire would have the ability to use to acquisition a home within 25 mile of Curtis’ own, to help facilitate that spending time with his son.