There room occasions wherein you are building a video clip project and also you establish you want to pat a component of your footage backwards. Though this is a common occurrence, and there room many video reverse software permit you to carry out that, yet Windows Movie an equipment does not feature the video reverse attribute which you deserve to play the video clip footage backwards immediately with one click the a button.

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That is no to say that you cannot reverse her footage in windows Movie Maker, it just way the process is a small more difficult than simply clicking a button. You might need to take it snapshots that the video clip frame by frame and also then re-order that to make a reverse video clip in windows Movie machine again. In this article, we will display you every the actions of reversing a video with home windows Movie maker and also a better way to reverse the entirety or a component of that with simply one click.

In instance that you are in a sirloin to do a reverse video clip in Windows, us recommend you to try , which is just one of the easiest way to reverse video clip and offers beginners the tools of a professional, and also presents lock in straightforward to use and straightforward to know way, and additionally a much much better way to create a video with backwards playing footage.

While the home windows Movie device way involves numerous steps, developing photos and importing them, have the right to be as basic as clicking one button. As you have the right to see the details of making a video play in reverse from the above video, i will display you the step by step info of creating a turning back video.

1. Exactly how to play the Entire video in Reverse v top top Windows


If you room looking to play the entire footage in reverse, just load the footage right into your timeline, dual click top top the document and in the brand-new window the pops up check the Play video clip Clip in turning back option. Your video will currently be play in reverse.

For in-depth information around play the whole video in reverse in, girlfriend can inspect our guide just how to turning back Video.

2. Playing just a portion of the video clip backwards


If you just want to play a certain portion of her clip in reverse, you can zoom in the timeline to uncover the frames much more precisely, and also then use the Splitter device to separation the video into smaller sized parts. As soon as you have actually the section you would favor reversed splited and selected, dual click it to go into the modify panel, and then select Play video clip Clip in Reverse choice under speed section.

For the in-depth steps of exactly how to using video clip Splitter to reduced videos, friend can check How to split A huge Movie into little Parts Seamlessly.

Playing videos backwards will make her videos with an ext creativity. Girlfriend can check the video about just how to use reverse video clip ideas to make videos with magic.

Part 2: Reversing video in home windows Movie Maker

In situation that girlfriend don’t desire to download any third party software program from the Internet, you can make a reverse video clip in home windows Movie maker by following the measures below.

Step 1 Import video and Find starting Point of the turning back Video

Drag and also drop the video clip clips to home windows Movie maker or click Add Videos and also Photos to choose the target the clip. Once you have actually the clip you would choose to reverse selected, girlfriend will need to uncover the an initial frame the the video which you will use as the beginning point of your reverse video by moving your slider all the way to the left and also preview it. Pause and also take a note of the moment code right here (the first number you view is the location of her slider in the movie, and the second number is the full length the your at this time selected video clip clip.)


You can likewise preview the clip frame by structure by clicking the Previous Frame or following Frame button.

Step 2 Take picture and conserve it

Create a folder where you will have the ability to save the reverse video material, and also once you carry out take a picture using the Snapshot switch on your home tab, and also save the photo to the paper you made. Make certain there is room in the file, because you will be conserving a lot of photos. After you take it the snapshot, click Save and the picture will be added to your timeline and also your slider will certainly be bumped come the place right prior to the brand-new snapshot.

Move your cursor end to the next frame and also repeat the snapshot process to acquire all the frames of making a reverse video. Continue this process until you with the finish of the clip you want to reverse. Note: The next framework will be put in the vault screenshot.

Step 3 collection up expression of turning back photos

Select every one of the image you just saved and click the video Tools Edit tab. In the duration field, enter the target duration of her photos because that the turning back video.


Step 4 write the reverse video

Delete the original video from your video clip timeline, leaving just the photos. You deserve to now play your video clip to make certain you gained the time ratios right, and also if friend did the correctly, girlfriend will have a perfectly reversed video.

Note: do a reverse video clip in this means with windows Movie machine will take it plenty that time. We really introduce you to reverse a video clip with 2-4 secs in this way.

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While the frame-by-frame reversal system that needs to be used in windows Movie device can it is in time consuming, the finish product will certainly be precious it if you urge on utilizing the complimentary Windows Movie Maker. But, to enhance the efficiency of video editing, we really recommend you to try To turning back the video clip clip. As well as playing back the video backwards, you deserve to also readjust the video clip speed such as do a slow-moving motion video for YouTube . Watch the video below come learn just how to usage to empower your story.