IntroductionRequirementsGaining access to the ExperimentsConclusionIntroduction.

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Hi friends,This technique really doesn't need lot of a guide, yet I figure it's no as renowned as absent Crabs because that a reason. I use this method to level mine melee combat skills, however I'm certain you have the right to use various other skill sets below also.We will be slaying Experiments for this guide. Lock have twin the fight points of absent Crabs, and a max hit of 1 (Rock Crabs have a max fight of 2). They additionally have the same defence stats as Rock Crabs, and also are in a solitary combat area, for this reason no one can steal her kills. Castle are practically deserted top top most human beings (unlike absent Crabs i m sorry are greatly populated on almost all worlds).The respawn price is far better than absent Crabs too. Seriously, why is this location not just camped choose mad?Requirements.Now for the requirements. You perform need accessibility to Morytania, so you must complete the monk In risk quest. This search shouldn't take as well long, and also is really easy.The just other need you need is to carry out a few steps the the biology of Fenkenstrain quest. You carry out not need to finish it. This have to take no much longer than 10 minutes, and also I will certainly walk you v it every you have to do. (note: I will not it is in walking you through Priest In Peril, yet I have linked a walk v by SoupOrHero in the spoiler tab).Gaining access to the Experiments.Priest in Peril
Quick walk through of the pursuit (only the components we need):Go to Fenkenstrain's Castle situated North east of Canifis in Morytania.Speak through Dr. Fenkenstrain to interview for the job.Describe yourself together 'braindead', and also tell the your best skill is 'gravedigging'.Go upstairs in the castle, and go come the western room and search the bookcase because that ''The pleasure of grave Digging''. This will offer you the marble amulet.Go to the east room and search the bookcase because that ''Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques''. This will give you the obsidian amulet. Usage both amulets on each other, to acquire the Star Amulet.Accessing the Experiments.East that Fenkenstrain's Castle space some tombstones. Girlfriend are in search of the most eastern tombstone through an indent on it. (seen below) use the Star Amulet ~ above the tombstone to open it, and then get in the caves below.
Congratulations, friend are currently at the Experiments.To acquire the most XP per hour, kill the level 25 monsters. They always spawn in twos, except the level 51 monsters. The map below illustrates the generate points.
Conclusion.If you uncover a civilization that is north here, you deserve to expect to earn far more XP here, than you would at rock Crabs. As I said, the isn't also hard. I tried three worlds, each that had actually different world in various spawn points. Together there room so countless (marked above), it doesn't take lengthy for friend to find a an ideal one. The ideal location (and most famous by extension) is the many northern generate point.

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Doing this level 54 attack, 46 strength and rune armour/scimitar. Flawless grind = 25k+AFK/Missing Clicks = 23k*

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