Hello,I hope this is the appropriate forum because that this question.During mine last vacation in us west coast, I"ve discovered this poster with most of the 60"s come 80"srock stars. rock n roll Theatre poster through Howard TemanThere are around 170 world I try to uncover the names. Right now I have actually found approximately 50%of them and I would like to obtain closer to 100%.I have added a number for each face, yet you must enlarge/zoom the image to see them.If you desire to watch the complete size picture, you have the right to grab that here:http://d.lecardez.free.fr/Poster-numbers.jpegThis is the perform I have actually so far. If I"m wrong v some names, let me know.Note: name in orange must be confirmed.DidierEnjoy the puzzle :-)1 Cliff Burton (Metallica)2 James Hetfield (Metallica)3 Lemmy (Motorhead)4 Philthy Phil Taylor (Motorhead)5 kurt Cobain6 Lou Reed7 Neil Young8 Sony9 Cher10 Garfunkel11 Simon12 James Taylor13 John Fogerty (Creedence)14 Kirk Hamett (Metallica)15 Lars Ulrich (Metallica) 16 Anthony Kiedis (Red warm Chilli Peppers)17 Flea (Red warm Chilli Peppers)18.1 rick Nielson (Cheap Trick)18 Billy Idol 19 Robin Zander (Cheap Trick)20 Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac)21 David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)22 Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)23 Ronnie van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd)24 Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)25 Gregg Allman26 Duane Allman27 The Ronettes28 Wendy O. Williams (The Plasmatics)29 Peter Tork (Monkees) 30 Michael Nesmith (Monkees)31 Davey Jones (Monkees)32 Micky Dolenz (Monkees)33 David St. Hubbins (Spinal Tap)34 Nigel Tufnel (Spinal Tap)35 Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap)36 Peter Criss (Kiss)37 Ace Frehle (Kiss)38 Tommy Lee (Motley Crue)39 Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)40 Joey Ramone41 Micheal Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)42 Dee Dee Ramone (Ramones)43 David Johanson (New York Dolls)44 Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls)45 Bill Graham46 Alan Freed 47 Al Green/ Sam Cooke ??48 Otis Redding49 Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls)50 Marvin Gaye51 Robert Johnson52 Hank Williams53 BB King54 Muddy Water55 Willie Dixon56 Jerry Lee Lewis57 Steve smith (Journey)58 Keith Moon (who)59 Aynsley Dunbar60 Joey Kramer (Aerosmith)61 Ian Paice (Deep Purple)62 Phil Collins (Genesis)63 Stewart Copeland (Police)64 Charlie watt (Rolling Stones)65 Ringo Starr (Beatles)66 John Boham (Led Zeppelin)67 Alex valve Halen68 John Entwistle (Who)69 Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)70 Duff McKagan (Gun & Roses)71 Ginger Baker (Cream)72 Tommy Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas, Whitesnake)73 Billy Joel 74 Prince75 Buddy Holly76 Roy Orbison77 Bo Diddley 78 Carlos Santana79 Johnny Winter80 Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones)81 John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)82 Tony Hamilton (Aerosmith)83 Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys)84 Bootsy Collins (The pacemakers)85 Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) 86 Gary Moore87 Rick Derringer (Alice cooper, Johnny Winter) 88 Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple)89 David Coverdale (Witesnake)90 Joe Walsh (Eagles)91 Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) 92 Randy Rhodes (Ozzy Osbourne)93 Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)94 Franck Beard (ZZ Top)95 Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)96 Gene Simmons (Kiss)97 Paul Stanley (Kiss)98 Vince Neil (Motley Crue)99 Mick Mars (Motley Crue)100 Johnny Ramone101 Markie Ramone (Ramones)102 Arthur Kane (New York Dolls) 103 Jerry Nolan (New York Dolls) 104 Peter Frampton 105 Bruce Springsteen106 Diana Ross107 Alice Cooper108 Joe Cocker109 Leon Russell110 Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)111 Aretha Franklin112 Tina Turner113 Ike Turner 114 Tom petty (Heartbreakers)115 Ray Davies (The Kinks)116 Sting (Police)117 Marc Bolan (T Rex)118 Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders)119 Blondie120 Bon Scott (AC/DC)121 David Lee Roth (Van Halen)122 Robert plant (Led Zeppelin)123 Elvis Presley124 Mike Jagger (Rolling Stones)125 john Lee Hooker 126 Howlin wolf ??127 Little Richard128 Stevie Wonder129 Ray Charles130 Elton John131 Michael Jackson132 Sly rock (Sly and also the family members Stone)133 James Brown134 Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)135 Axl Rose (Gun & Roses)136 johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols)137 Iggy popular music (The Stooges)138 Ozzy Osbourne 139 Franck Zappa140 Brian Setzer (Stray Cats)141 Eddy Cochrane142 Gene Vincent143 Stevie beam Vaughan144 Jerry Garcia (Gratefull Dead)145 Slash (Gun & Roses)146 Joe Perry (Aerosmith)147 Ronnie timber (Rolling Stones)148 Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)149 Pete Townsend (Who)150 Angus Young (AC/DC)151 Brian might (Queen)152 Eric Clapton (Cream)155 Freddie Mercury (Queen)156 Roger Daltrey (Who)157 Rod Stewart158 David Bowie159 John Lennon (Beatles)160 Janis Joplin160.1Paul Mccartney (Beatles)161 Jim Morrison (Doors)162 Bob Dylan 163 Bob Marley164 Jimmy Hendrix165 George Harrison (Beatles)166 Jimmy web page (Led Zeppelin)167 Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)168 Eddy valve Halen170 Chuck Berry171 Jeff Beck (Yardbirds)172 Ted Nugent

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5 sort of looks favor Kurt Cobain. He started in the 80s, for this reason he technically fits the category but I wouldn"t mean to find him in a 60s-80s list.(ninja"d...)You"ve acquired Simon and also Garfunkel the wrong means around, ns think.26 can be Lemmy.44 could be tiny Tim, yet it"s a bit difficult to see. (EDIT: 132 watch a bit more like that actually.)76 is definitely Orbison.100 = Robert Smith?I can"t uncover 125 or 126 in the picture...137 - Iggy Pop148 - Joe Perry
1Cliff Burton2 James Hetfield3 Dave Mustaine5 kurt Cobain definately14 Kirk Hamett15 Lars Ulrich23 Ronnie van Zandt?24 Janis Joplin?50 Marvin Gaye51 Robert Johnson52 Hank Williams?53 BB King71 Warren Zevon
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1 = Cliff Burton (Metallica)2 = James Hetfield (Metallica)13 = john Fogerty14 = Kirk Hammett (Metallica)15 = Lars Ulrich (Metallica)23 - ronnie valve zant (lynryd Skynyrd)33-35 = the guys from Spinal Tap40 = Joey Ramone100 = Johnny Ramone101 & 42 = the various other Ramones?48 - Muddy Waters? 65 = phil lynott73 - Billy Joel91 = looks prefer Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)121 = David Lee Roth (Van Halen)137 = Iggy pop (The Stooges)138 = Ozzy155 = Freddie Mercury
thanks to all,Your aid was very powerful. Currently the perform is 70% complete :-)I have actually updated the list v your suggestions. Names ??? have to be confirmed.Didier.
hi folks,The list is nearly complete, just 23 end 170 are missing.No other suggestions because that the absent ????Didier
A enlarge scan the that top left hand edge would greatly help.Forgot come number the figures listed below 53 and also 545Could they it is in 125 and also 126 ?125: Lightnin Hopkins ? john Lee Hooker ?126: Howlin Wolf19: Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac)25: Bobby Ingram (Molly Hatchet)26: Danny Roy Brown (Moly Hatchet) ? Jeff Skunk Baxter ? ray Sawyer ?45: Ry Cooder ?46: Jerry Lee Lewis47: Albert Collins ? chris Rea ?49: Steve Stevens50: small Walter ? Sonny boy Williamson II ?54: Albert King ? 55: Willie Dixon57: Steve Smith58: Keith Moon63: Dave Weckl ?67: Alex valve Halen71: Jeff Porcaro81: man Paul Jones82: Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)87: Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) ?89: David Coverdale90: Jon Lord108: Willy De Ville109: Leon Russell142: Eddy CochraneEdit:146 Joe Perry148: Keith RichardsEdit 2:25: Gregg Allman26: Duane Allman
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hello Goldgin,Your suggestions aided a lot come complete/modify the list.You will find more detailed photos for the top left poster here:http://d.lecardez.free.fr/Upper-left1.jpeghttp://d.lecardez.free.fr/Upper-left2.jpegConcerning #87, it is definitively stack Derringer:http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/rick-derringerThe full list has been updated and uncertain names are flagged in yellow.Thanks for your help; now only 6 surname are absent !!!
been stuck top top #12 because last night!His snapshot flashing in mine mind all day long!Of food #12 is James Taylor ! damn it!Now that his surname is whereby it belongs, the rest should be a breeze#19: Suzie Quatro (Not Christine McVie as I very first thought)#20: of course it"s Mick Fleetwood the Fleetwood Mac#45: Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music)#46: Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)#47: Al Green#48 Sam Cooke#50: Isaac Hayes#60: Joey Kramer (Aerosmith)#64: Cosy Powell#75: buddy Holly#77: Yes, Bo Diddely#110 Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)#125: john Lee Hooker#141: Eddy Cochranehttp://rockymons.r.o.pic.centerblog.net/fx618h3d.jpg#142: Gene VincentCould you article close up shots that the upper ideal hand 4 minutes 1 of the poster, of the area include 108, 110, 116, of the area comprise 45 and also 46, that the area comprise 59, 60 and also 64, that the area comprise 71 and 72, and finally of 63, please ?Thanks!
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girlfriend made a great job mainly in the area #4 0"s / #50"s. The space the only one dedicated here.Concerning #19 it is tough to recognize if Suzie Quatro or Christine McVieAs Mick Fleetwood is simply close to her, I"ll vote for Christine McVie your first thought ??Also ns doubt that #45 is Bryan Ferry ?? I have uploaded 12 pictures representing the entirety poster. They space numbered this way:1 2 3 45 6 7 89 10 11 12They are obtainable here:http://d.lecardez.free.fr/temp/Do"nt forget to remainder your mind :-)
concerning #19 it is difficult to identify if Suzie Quatro or Christine McVieAs Mick Fleetwood is simply close to her, I"ll vote for Christine McVie your an initial thought ??
I know how you feel. It"s simply that the snapshot lacks too countless features to slap chris Mcvie"s surname without a doubt, and it yes, really looks a lot more like Suzie Quatro. I imply you leaving it open up to any type of of both or even a third.I disagree v the idea that voting together it would exclude the opportunity of the real name the a figure and that would be stealing the intent of the artist of the poster i beg your pardon you never ever do in art. That"s why you would leave any name that has a great reason to remain on, next to resemblance.
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initially Posted through didier83Concerning #19 the is difficult to determine if Suzie Quatro or Christine McVieAs Mick Fleetwood is just close to her, I"ll vote for Christine McVie your first thought ??I know just how you feel. It"s just that the snapshot lacks too plenty of features come slap chris Mcvie"s surname without a doubt, and it really looks a lot an ext like Suzie Quatro. I indicate you leaving it open up to any type of of both or even a third.
i disagree with the idea of voting together it would exclude the possibility of the genuine name of a figure and that would certainly be stealing the intent of the artist of the poster which you never do in art. That"s why you would certainly leave any kind of name that has a great reason to continue to be on, next to resemblance.
I i m so sad agree, because doing the difference in between him young vs actual, makes me wonder how the time may transform someone Many thanks for her contribution. Through your help, only 3 names are missing. A good result thinking I began with 170 names.
ColdGin,It looks that you room fan that this poster. I noticed you made many enhancements even during the night :-)Your suggestions were faster that ns was maybe to upgrade the list !
Well, I"m a large fan of absent music in general, and everything that spun off from rock, from tiny town halls come Arena concerts, the magazines, the cult films, the sexuality, the drugs, the trends, the fashions, the clothings, except perhaps MTV, yet I"m not also quite sure, everything that claims "F... You!".Better go through my posts again. I view a few that aren"t right, choose #90 which is supposed to it is in Joe Walsh.And you have the right to surely fall Rory Gallagher. The doesn"t have any type of clout in the US and the poster is fairly US centric.Also, try switching indigenous yellow-unreadable over light grey, come darkorange-much much easier on the eyes.Thanks because that the fun.I haven"t given up ~ above #59 and also #83. Yet my brain does require a tiny rest.Could you offer make some sharp closeup shots the those 2 only, please ?
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ns have applied the latest transforms you suggested. I had no doubts about your rock,culture !I"m yes, really happy come have almost finalized this an obstacle to paper this wonderful poster.I,m sure that our work will take benefit to various other poster"s owner.
ns haven"t offered up ~ above #59 and #83. But my brain does require a tiny rest.Could you offer make some sharp closeup shots that those 2 only, please ?
No problems, yet you will need to wait until Monday when I"ll be ago home. This will help your brain to remainder :-)OK, here are images you expected:http://d.lecardez.free.fr/temp/59.JPGhttp://d.lecardez.free.fr/temp/83.JPG
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Great ! ns do"nt know who else might have uncovered this ???This Dunbar has an exceptional pedigree (Wikipedia) ...!We are virtually done wit this challenge except 2 or 3 men not fully qualified.The time invested on this write-up makes me point you had fun.Thanks again for all the efforts you made.
Dang! Stumbled on a picture of Kenney Jones ...http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5eo8jhuVv1qfvz2co1_1280.jpgWhy perform I constantly have to placed myself in these cases ?
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im pretty certain #83 is Klaus Flouride, the bass player of the Dead Kennedys, wich renders sense seeing as that peak left corner is all bass players.#54 is definatley Muddy Waters
The perform is almost complete, only 23 end 170 room missing.Moncler Vest OutletMen Moncler JacketWomen Moncler JacketsMoncler Coats OutletMen Moncler CoatsNo other suggestions for the missing ????
All along this course I treadMy heart betrays mine weary headWith nothing yet my soul to saveFrom the cradle come the grave.
I"m not sure which one you mean. Nonetheless if girlfriend look come anwer #1 girlfriend will uncover a attach with a snapshot of every the human being numbered. Then you can refer to th numbered perform in #1
didier83 I derived list straight from the artist himself (although he missed Billy Idol & 1 other off his list and his numbering is different) have been working to id all deals with from his list and also Googling surname to match photo to drawing, not all simple though as Freddie Mercury is not specific likeness (long hair) through the look at of the 2 lists there is part differences, ns will shot to occupational out and also let friend know, Trevor from Aus.
trevordaniw, what a surprised to it is in contacted after a so long time :-) I already tried to contact the artist but never got any reply. I remember having trouble to recognize Freddy Mercury without conviction. However if the is no him, I"m surprised the is not part of this poster.I"ll be very pleased to gain your update.
didier83, yeah ns was sluggish picking up on poster, placed it down to gift on other side the the world!Freddie is over there in poster, has actually long hair and on much bottom left - best on the edge alongside Roger Daltrey.Artist numbering system is difficult to follow, many of his deals with are an extremely close yet a couple of are tough to job-related out.There is around 8 differences between 2 lists and Artist has himself provided in his group and another DJ (Chuck Harter) fifty percent obscured in optimal right that poster, as soon as I"m certain I have actually it i will post list in your numbering sequence through comments, hopefully in a job or 2. (It was Sam Cooke not Al Green).
didier83 -ok here is the differences, some I have functioned others NFIYour perform TemansAynsley Dunbar- Mitch MitchellMarkie Ramone - Tommy RamoneJames Taylor- Steve Marriott (Humble Pie)Steve Smith- Howard Teman (Artist)Your names not on his list:Alex valve HalenKlaus FlourideGary MooreDavid CloverdaleTemans rest not on her list: Rory Gallagher Robin Trower (Procol Harum) lining Harter (DJ) think 1/2 hidden at top rightThe Artist (Teman) left a few off his actual list - Billy Idol & Jim Morrsison (easy to fix) and I think the hasn"t named 1 drummer thus 1 surname short.
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