We've to be blasting ours summer playlists here in the teenager Vogue offices, and also one that the records on repeat is the brand-new Young Veins album Take a Vacation, which go on sale earlier this month. The band...

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We’ve been blasting our summer playlists here in the teenager Vogue offices, and also one the the documents on repeat is the brand-new Young Veins album take a Vacation, which walk on sale earlier this month. The band...


We’ve been blasting ours summer playlists right here in the Teen Vogue offices, and also one the the records on repeat is the new Young Veins album Take a Vacation,_ _which go on sale earlier this month.

The tape was created by Ryan Ross and Jon walker in the results of your abrupt break-up from panic at the Disco last year; in the announcement, the pair proclaimed their intentions come take their music in a brand-new direction. Take a Vacation debuts this new dreamy sound which resides up come its title for sure--the album is perfect because that roadtrips, beach parties and every one of kinds the chilled the end summer fun. Today, the tape unveils the video for the album’s lead solitary "Change" on MTVU.

We speak to Ryan a few weeks before the album come out to get some insight on the band, the record and also just where his old-school taste in music came from:

**Take a Vacation has a really retro vibe around it--has that format of music always been an influence?**Definitely, I grew up listening come it, in my house there was always music through bands prefer the Monkees or the Beach guys playing--the an initial song i remember to be "Catch a Wave." My parents listened to numerous beach music, Motown and also ’60s spirit records...it’s simply that when you come to be a teenager you need to hate the stuff your parents like!

**So cultivation up through all those an excellent tunes, to be you a music kid?**Actually no at all--I was play sports rather at first, i played hockey a lot. I didn’t start playing the guitar until I was 13 or 14. I began writing songs much previously though, it was the songwriting that came an initial for me. I had a little tape recorder and I’d simply record one track at a time then walk over it and also over it. Those very first songs, they to be pretty bad.

**What was the songwriting process for Take a Vacation like?**I do a most the songwriting v Jon which is great, I’m very lucky because our layouts work so well together. We were creating this while us were on tourism in South east Asia, stuck in hotel rooms between gigs. For us, the best stuff is when we just pick up a guitar and go; the songs just start themselves.

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**So is that relaxing?**I wish! Songwriting is the opposite, it cd driver me nuts. I just need to write ingredient as quickly as it’s in mine head due to the fact that otherwise the song simply stays there. And the finest stuff always comes at the most inopportune moment!

For an ext info on the Young Veins, visit your website here. The tape is ~ above tour v Rooney and also Black Gold with the end of July and you can acquire the dates and buy tickets via your Myspace.

What are your favourite tracks from the album? will you be see the Young Veins this summer?