Truck vehicle drivers have been everywhere, man, everywhere. Sometimes they go across the country, occasionally it’s throughout town. They travel the highways and side roadways of this great country the ours, keeping us supplied and also assuring the great machinery the business and also commerce proceeds moving along.

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The downside of every this travel is normally the vehicle drivers have a deadline so stopping and enjoying, speak the world’s biggest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas, isn’t possible. They have to keep moving. On specialized routes, chauffeurs will choose up and deliver to the same customer the they have been servicing because that a while. This is a familiar route and also sometimes it affords the driver time to stop and also take in the sites, favor the world’s biggest operational frying pan in rose Hill, phibìc Carolina. That 15-foot wide pan fries thousands of chickens once a year.

Some routes have wonders favor this pan or that ball of twine, part routes have scenery that will take her breath away. We room going to execute a series here, some committed routes and what’s good to watch while traveling them. Perhaps truck drivers can’t afford the moment to stop and also enjoy them however as the summer handle in and also road trips space on her mind, you certain can.

Salt Lake City to Portland Oregon

We’ll begin this run in Salt Lake City and also head west to Portland Oregon. The finest route is starting on I-15 up through Idaho wherein you’ll hop ~ above I-84 and also that will take girlfriend right right into Portland. This is a 776-mile jaunt and should take around 11 hours and 34 minute to traverse. If friend obey speed limits, together you should.

What to watch in Utah

There’s plenty to view as you relocate through Utah, best downtown Salt Lake there is holy place Square, the LDS travellers center, the LDS conference center, all great historical spots that define the birth of Utah.

Moving the end of the city you’ll uncover This is the Place, legacy Park. Train rides, livery stables, The Hooper & Eldredge Bank, “townspeople” roaming around, a boots shop and also more.

The Gilgal Garden is a sight to see. Artist thomas Battersby Child, JR developed this large sculpture garden near his home. It’s open up to the public, free, 7 days a week. Gilgal is one Old testament word meaning circle that stones. Child constructed a circle and also more. Quirky, odd, frightening, girlfriend decide.

Golden Spike National historical Site. The Union and also the main Pacific railways to be joined in Utah, may 10, 1869. This website celebrates the Union with live reenactments in the summer and background all year round


The Spiral Jetty. This is the brainchild the artist Robert Smithson. The jetty is situated at Rozel suggest Peninsula top top the northeast shore of the lake. Organic sculpture. It’s lovely and also worth the stop.

Still, in Utah, you need to see the Hill Aerospace Museum at the Hill Airforce Base. They have 90 armed forces aircraft, missiles, and aerospace vehicles. Plus considerable collection the uniforms, ground equipment and also thousands of historical artifacts.

And currently … Idaho


You really cannot pass with Idaho without stopping in Blackfoot and seeing the Idaho Potato Museum. This place showcases Idaho’s most renowned crop, recounting the growing and also harvesting process and details the advance of the entire potato industry.

In Rexburg. Idaho, you have the right to visit Yellowstone be affected by each other World. If you don’t have actually the time or inclination to take trip all the way to Yellowstone, you can snag a little Yellowstone-esque adventure at Bear World. This is a wildlife park the gets friend close come the animals.

Birthplace of television Museum. This is uncovered in Rigby, Idaho. This 14,000 square-foot trove of television history is nirvana because that boob-tube fans. Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor the the television, and also former Rigby resides is prominently featured in this museum.

On the I-84

Once you leave Idaho your choices for roadside attractions room filled through State Parks, lovely views, and mind-blowing scenery. If you’re travel the I-84 in Oregon, you’ll it is in spending lot of your time driving alongside the Columbia River and also the beautiful Columbia river Gorge. come say this component of the nation is “Gorge-eous” is to rental a serious overused pun the will cause even the kind world of Oregon will certainly punch you directly in the face for using it. So, don’t.

Here are some highlights.

Mount Hood Railroad. Take a scenic train ride along the Hood River. There are also murder mystery train rides and old west layout train bolt rides and of course, the train come Christmas Town.


Bridge the the Gods. This is a stole truss cantilever leg that spans the Columbia River between Cascade Locks, Oregon, and also Washington State. It’s an remarkable structure and also a testament to the ingenuity and also skill of mankind.

Vista House. This is a house constructed in 1917 and it is one of the most beautiful scenic points follow me the historical Columbia river Highway. Weddings, films, TV shows have been recorded here and recently it has been approved as “bike-friendly”, that’s fun.

The Grotto. This is the national Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, the roman inn Catholic ministry of the stimulate of Friar Servants that Mary. The is precise a sanctuary the peace, prayer and natural beauty. And … there’s a gift shop so …


One of the finest parts that a road trip is eating at brand-new exciting or feet in the wall surface places. Here are some road food tips for your journey.

In Salt Lake

Some an excellent places come eat before you head the end of Utah. Like:R&R BBQ. Ribs, pulled pork, wings, few of the best barbecue you deserve to eat that’s no in Memphis. And, they have actually hushpuppies!

Hires big H. This is a classic burger joint where you deserve to still get automobile service. No frills burgers and Shakes thicker than a publication written by Tolstoy. In case you’re no familiar, he wrote War and also Peace. That’s one special book.

The Red Iguana. Ask anyone who’s been to Salt Lake and they’ll phone call ya, this is the best Mexican location around. They have actually something like 2000 species of mole, well, it’s really seven but, the way they use their mole´. I’d say holy Mole´ yet people from Oregon would certainly punch me directly in the face.


Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana. This is a pizza shop right from Italy. They have actually their flour transport from Napoli, brick ovens and also the ideal pizza around. Number one pizza, the standard Margherita.

In Idaho


It’s all potatoes till you reach Oregon.

Oregon Eats

Sumpter Junction Restaurant. A cool small joint that everyone seems to prevent in. Lull food and also plenty that it.

The Saddle, Restaurant & Lounge. & Lounge just calls back a simpler, friendlier, drunker time, doesn"t it? This is a family-friendly joint opened in 1975. An excellent food, drinks, pool tables, and also karaoke.

Big John’s Pizza. A pizza place but it it s okay a mention because you can gain a totally free meal on her birthday. Not simply a slice, a complete meal.


The bridge Side. This location sits right next to the bridge of the Gods. So, you’re eating beside this beloved bridge and also the flow and, man, that doesn’t gain much much better than this.

The Observatory. This is a sophisticated but casual place. The menu has a wide range of options, a tiny something for everyone. Plus signature cocktails and also a happy hour menu.

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So, over there it is, our an initial installment of roadway trips. If you can’t it is in a truck driver you can at least see the parts of the nation they check out as they store us going.