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"Love of my Life" is a track written by Keith Stegall and also Dan Hill, and recorded by American nation music artist Sammy Kershaw. It was released in October 1997 together the lead-off single from his album labor of Love. That peaked in ~ number 2 in the united States, behind Tim McGraw"s smash hit "Just to watch You Smile", and also at number 3 in Canada. A duet version with Terri Clark was likewise released as the B-side, although various other versions have actually "Roamin" Love" on the B-side. The track was likewise recorded by Ace of basic in 1997 together a potential track because that their 3rd album, yet didn"t make the final cut. An ext »

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You space the love of my lifeAnd you are the reason I"m aliveAnd baby baby babyWhen ns think of just how you conserved meI walk crazyI"ve never known love choose thisAnd it filling me v a brand-new tendernessAnd I know I understand I knowYou"re in my heart you"re in my soulYou"re all i can"t resistAnd I need to tell youThe an initial time I organized youI knew you space the love of mine lifeI spent a lifetime waitingAlways hesitating until youI was lost so deep inside my shell"Til you came and also saved me indigenous myselfNow all ns really knowIs I require youAnd you are the love of my lifeAll the joy and also tears that ns cryAnd infant baby babyYou don"t have to say a wordI watch it in your eyesAs we stand togetherI promise forever"Til the day that i dieYou space the love of mine lifeI invested a lifetime waitingAlways hesitating until youI was lost so deep inside my shell"Til friend came and saved me native myselfNow all ns really knowIs I require youYou are the love of my lifeYou space the factor I"m alive

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Sammy Kershaw Samuel Paul "Sammy" Kershaw (born February 24, 1958, Kaplan, Louisiana, joined States) is an American nation music artist. He has released ten studio albums, with three RIAA platinum certifications and also two yellow certifications amongst them. An ext than twenty-five singles have gotten in Top 40 ~ above the Billboard Hot country Songs charts, consisting of the number one fight "She Don"t recognize She"s Beautiful" and ten much more Top Ten hits: "Cadillac Style", "Anywhere however Here", "Haunted Heart", "Queen of mine Double-Wide Trailer", "I Can"t Reach her Anymore", "National working Woman"s Holiday", "Third price Romance", "Meant come Be", "Vidalia", and "Love of mine Life". An ext »