So cool! We’ve been missing ‘The secret Life of the American Teenager’ because it went off the waiting in 2013, but stars Daren Kagasoff and Shailene Woodleyreunited with Megan Parks at her wedding end the weekend, where they posed for an impressive photo. Watch it here!

Something really cool happened over the weekend. Not only did an enig Life the the American Teenager star Megan Parks, 29, acquire married, however her co-stars, Daren Kagasoff, 28, and also Shailene Woodley, 23, attended the wedding and also posed because that a an extremely cool picture together! We’re dying.

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meganparkithere on her wedding! for this reason happy for you!!! and it to be a little mystery Life reunion as well😁😁😁,” Daren captioned the Instagram pic seen above on Oct. 12.

We can’t figure out what’s much more exciting — the truth that Megan Parks is probably the most beautiful bride we’ve ever before seen or that Daren, Shailene and Megan staged an immediate Secret Lifereunion and also documented it through a photo! We’re entirely beside ourselves.

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When mystery Life ended its operation on ABC family members in June 2013, us were so upset over the truth that Daren and Shailene’s characters didn’t gain married. In fact, Amy and also Ricky swapped “I dislike yous,” fought, and then decided to simply be “friends,” for this reason they can raise their kid together. The wasn’t the series finale endingwe had actually hoped for, yet at least they rejoined at an yes, really wedding 2 years later. Even if that was just their real-life counterparts attending Megan’s wedding. We’ll take everything we can get. However what we’d really choose is a Secret Life reboot series. How could would the be?!

Megan Park married One Tree Hill star Tyler Hilton Oct. 10 close to Malibu, California.

What execute YOU think, snucongo.orgrs? need to there be a Secret Life reboot series? space you glad Daren, Shailene and also Megan posed because that a photograph together? vote in our poll and also tell us how you feel!

— kris Rogers


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