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Most feel the the name Michigan is derived from the Indian words "Michi-gama" meaning "large lake." its nickname is the Wolverine state. Others, however, note that it may be called from the Ojibwe (Chippewa) indigenous "Majigan", which means "clearing," influenced by a clearing on the west next of the reduced peninsula. inhabitants are called: Michiganians, Michiganders, and also Wolverines. The State Motto Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice way "If you look for a satisfied peninsula, look about you". Area: 58,513 square miles (the 22nd biggest state).

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Highest Point: Mt. Arvon, Baraga County, 1,979 feet (603 m).

Lowest Point: Lake Erie, 571 feet (174 m).

snucongo.orggraphic Center: Wexford, 5 miles north-northwest the Cadillac. Population: 1990: 9,295,000 (8th in US) 1998: 9,817,000 (8th)

Michigan was admitted to the Union in 1837 as the 26th state and also our existing Capitol was committed in Lansing in 1879. population per 1990 Census: 9,295,297 (est. 9,594,000 in 1996). Nationwide rank eighth in populace among 50 states. to represent in Congress: 16. State Senators: 38; State Representatives: 110. There room 83 counties in Michigan. State Symbols State Bird: Robin (1931) State Tree: White pine (1955) State Gem: Chlorastrolite (1972) State Soil: Kalkaska Soil collection (1990) State Flower: Apple flower (1897) State Fish: Brook Trout (1988) State Stone: Petoskey stone (1963) State Reptile: Painted tortoise (1996) State game Mammal: Whitetailed Deer (1997) State Wildflower: Dwarf Lake Iris (1998) Other facts Statehood: Jan. 26, 1837, the 26th state. State abbreviations: Mich. (traditional); MI (postal). State capital: Lansing, Michigan"s capital since 1847. Detroit served as capital from 1837 come 1847. State motto: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice (If you look for a pleasant peninsula, look about you). Well-known name: The Wolverine State. State tune (unofficial): "Michigan, my Michigan." native by Douglas M. Malloch. State flag and also seal: The state flag, adopted in 1911, bears a version of the state seal. The seal was adopted in 1835. A fully eagle, the nationwide bird, symbolizes the premium authority and jurisdiction the the United claims over state governments. One elk and also a moose, representing Michigan, support a shield through the Latin word Tuebor, which way "I will Defend".

Land and climate Area: 58,513 sq. Mi. (151,548 sq. Km), consisting of 1,704 sq. Mi. (4,412 sq. Km) of inland water yet excluding 38,192 sq. Mi. (98,917 sq. Km) of an excellent Lakes water. Elevation: Highest--Mount Curwood, 1,980 ft. (604 m) above sea level. Lowest--572 ft. (174 m) over sea level follow me Lake Erie. Document high temperature: 112 levels F (44 levels C) in ~ Mio ~ above July 13, 1936. Record low temperature: -51 levels F (-46 levels C) at Vanderbilt on Feb. 9, 1934. Average July temperature: 69 degrees F (21 levels C). Mean January temperature: 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C). Typical yearly precipitation: 32 in. (81 cm).

People Population: 9,328,784 (1990 census). Rank among the states: 8th. Density: 159 persons every sq. Mi. (62 per sq. Km), U.S. Median 69 every sq. Mi. (27 per sq. Km). Distribution: 70 percent urban, 30 percent rural. Biggest cities in Michigan: Detroit (1,027,974); cool Rapids (189,126); Warren (144,864); Flint (140,761); Lansing (127,321); Sterling Heights (117,810).

Economy Chief assets Agriculture: milk, greenhouse and also nursery products, soybeans, corn, apples. Manufacturing: transport equipment, machinery, fabricated metal products, chemicals, food products. Mining: organic gas, iron ore, petroleum Great Seal and also State Flag of Michigan
Michigan"s an excellent animals are depicted on the great Seal, with the elk top top the left and the moose on the best supporting the shield. The Latin motto "Tuebor" translates as "I will protect". Written listed below the shield is the inscription, "Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice" or translated, if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you. This reference was to the lower Peninsula, since the top Peninsula to be not included until ~ the Seal was embraced in 1837. It remained in compensation because that the lose of a piece of land on our southerly border i beg your pardon was derived by Ohio when Congress known Michigan together a state. Shown above the shield with the eagle is the motto that the United says - "E Pluribus Unum" (out of many, one). The internal of the shield has actually a sun climbing over a lake. This step calls attention to a guy standing ~ above a peninsula. The figure has his appropriate hand raised, symbolizing peace. He holds a rifle in his left hand, meaning that he additionally stands ready to protect the state and also nation. Michigan"s present State Flag and great Seal were adopted by the legislative in 1911 and reflect the ideas and also design the Lewis Cass, 2nd Governor that the Michigan region from 1813-1831. This material has actually been compiled for educational use only, and may no be reproduced there is no permission.

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