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James Hurst"s "The Scarlet Ibis" is filled with rich imagery and also figurative language. Among the finest similes found therein reads as follows:

They named him wilhelm Armstrong, i beg your pardon was like tying a large tail on a tiny kite.

A simile supplies "like" or "as" come compare...

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James Hurst"s "The Scarlet Ibis" is filled with rich imagery and figurative language. Among the ideal similes found therein reads as follows:

They called him wilhelm Armstrong, i m sorry was like tying a big tail on a little kite.

A simile supplies "like" or "as" to compare 2 unlike things in order to do a solid point. In the above passage, the small brother"s full name is compared to a large kite tail. The kite itself might represent how small Doodle"s body is. The dragon could also represent Doodle"s predictably quick life and the reality that his name has actually a much longer life-expectancy than he does. The imagery, simile, and also implied post of this sentence is quite powerful.

The next instance provides a look at an oxymoron and also a metaphor as follows:

I walk not understand then the pride is a wonderful, destructive thing, a seed that bears two vines, life and death.

First, two contrasting words describe the indigenous "pride": wonderful and terrible. The location junxtap of 2 opposing words regularly creates oxymorons that assist the reader know the internal conflict a character is experiencing. Pride is then contrasted to "a seed that bears two vines," which creates one more comparison called a metaphor. Simply take out the preceding clause and the sentence create a metaphor that would review as follows: "pride is a seed that bears two vines." 

Finally, there is an allusion to the tale of Hansel and also Gretel:

It was too late to revolve back, for we had actually both wandered too much into a net of expectations and also had left no crumbs behind.

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When an author refers to a story that readers are most likely to recognize, an allusion is created that draws upon previous experience. Together a result, a coherent connection in between the 2 stories or personalities deepens the understanding of exactly how the story is read.