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The #1 video on VH-1 this mainly is “Home” by Phillip Phillips. What to be his parents thinking naming him Phillip? climate again, George Foreman, the ex-heavyweight champion that the civilization had five sons. He called each of them, “George”. A college professor that mine was named Ivan Ivanov. You would certainly imagine the parental would have actually a little more creativity.

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When it involves unique rock and roll names, it obtained me thinking about bands and musicians that have actually the exact same name repeated twice in their name. How many can girlfriend name? Here’s a perform of the top 5 musicians, and also tomorrow I’ll perform the top 5 bands with recurring names: If girlfriend have any kind of to add to the list, let me know! my honorable mention was: Vinnie Vincent that KISS and Randy edge of the 80’s hair steel band, Autograph. Every one of my peak 5 room in the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame.

5. ROBBIE ROBERTSON indigenous The BandThe critical Waltz to be the first great concert film. Robbie’s band, The Band, toured through Dylan and his solo career produced the sexiest swamp music song ever!4. JACKIE JACKSON indigenous the Jackson FiveOprah confessed she had a childhood like on Jackie. He was the second oldest Jackson and also the falsetto voice the countered Michael and also Jermaine’s command vocals top top so plenty of epic Motown songs. He to be in numerous ways the leader the the group.

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3. MITCH MITCHELL Drummer because that The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceRolling stone Magazine’s #23 all-time drummer. Mitch was considered Jimi Hendrix’ appropriate hand man. They would often record together even after the job of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Hear to a song prefer “Manic Depression”, “Fire”, and also “Voodoo Child” and you’ll appreciate his brilliance. Even played drums for an all-star band v John Lennon, Keith Richards, and also Eric Clapton!

2. STEVE STEVENS guitar Virtuoso Jagger had actually Richards. Ozzy had Randy Rhoads. Steven Tyler had Joe Perry. Once you list Singer/Lead etc combos, you have actually to mention Billy Idol/Steve Stevens. The etc superhero to counter balance out the flamboyant command singer. Steve was among the flashiest, technically skilled rock guitarists that all-time. You remember that opened credits of top Gun? That motivating guitar anthem to be Steve Stevens. “Dirty Diana” because that Michael Jackson opened up up a whole new audience because that Steve.

1. DAVE DAVIES of the THE KINKSThe Kinks didn’t preserve the job longevity of your peers, The rojo Stones, The Who, and The Beatles, but any kind of rock chronicler will laud the influence that The Kinks had on classic rock music. Dave Davies and his brother, Ray, to be the command guitarist and vocalists top top songs like “You Really gained Me”, “All work And every one of The Night”, “Lola”, and “Destroyer”. Among the optimal 100 guitarists the all-time and the man who Pete Townshend and Eddie van Halen list as their biggest influences. Listen to the insane solo top top this clip: