The Dark Brotherhood"s blade of Woe is among the most renowned weapons in the Elder Scrolls universe. But what exactly makes this dagger so special?

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Blades that Woe with Astrid in attribute Image
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers players accessibility to some of the most powerful artifacts to ever exist in Tamriel. One such artifact is the Dark Brotherhood"s blade of Woe. The powerful enchantments and base damage alone make this dagger a must-have in any type of sneak or assassin build"s inventory. However, the game does not offer lot information around this legendary weapon.

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In the Elder Scrolls lore, the tongue of Woe renders multiple appearances and also has a far-reaching role in the Dark Brotherhood"s history. Those who are acquainted with the story the the faction throughout the games may be an ext acquainted than most with this weapon.

10 illustration Changes throughout Games

Blade of Woe each other Oblivion
The blade of sore has showed up as an Ebony Dagger throughout Elder Scrolls" history, such together its first in-game appearance in Oblivion as a continuous Ebony Dagger. However, its figure in Skyrim readjusted to a distinctive curved shape. In fact, the Skyrim different resembles an additional dagger by the surname of Sufferthorn found during the Dark Brotherhood questline in Oblivion. Both daggers likewise have comparable health draining impacts as well.

Sneak Backstab kill in Skyrim
according to lore, the tongue of Woe can kill that is targets in an prompt at the height of its power. What"s more, once high-ranking Brotherhood members use it to kill their target, the tongue shrouds them native view, calculation them cloaked. That is likewise known to drainpipe a target"s health and magicka with each strike. It likewise can diminish a target"s willpower and morale. If provided in a routine execution, the tongue of sore is well-known to fully incinerate the target, and the blood the is spilled using the blade i do not care tainted.

Skyrim blade of woe Held and also Highlighted
throughout the 2nd Era, any and also every member the the Dark Brotherhood could contact upon the Blade, as watched in Elder Scrolls Online. Whether it it is in a new recruit top top their first job or a master in the Brotherhood"s ranks; if a member dubbed upon the Blade, it would appear. According to lore, the blade can be summoned by many assassins in ~ the exact same time and it would appear to all of them, regardless of it gift a solitary weapon. Assassins could speak to the blade, usage it to kill and complete a contract, but they to be not allowed to save the blade.

A Dark Brotherhood Assassin has access to a hold of various weapons and also materials they have the right to use to finish a contract. Most of these contracts carry out not have actually special requirements, but some contracts market some bonuses if a Brotherhood member offers the tongue to kill, though it"s uncertain how they prove this to the organization.

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However, if an assassin walk not usage the tongue to death their target, the contract would certainly still be complete. In addition to unique contracts, the Blade was routinely provided in ritual executions.

throughout the events of Oblivion, players obtain invited by Lucien Lachance to join the Dark Brotherhood. He offers players one unenchanted version of the blade of Woe. Players progress through the questline and the ranking of the Brotherhood with what lock perceive together a mundane Ebony Dagger.

that is not until the finish of the questline when players meet the Night mommy when the true power of the blade is unlocked. As soon as players disclose the true traitor to the Brotherhood, the Night mommy enchants the Blade as a reward for their loyalty.

In Skyrim, football player can uncover two different versions that the tongue of Woe. Among them is brought by Astrid, the leader that the Brotherhood. Football player normally get the tongue of Woe throughout the quest, "Death Incarnate." This version is a little weaker and also absorbs just 10 points of health from the targets. The second version can be taken indigenous Astrid. Alternatively, football player can obtain the much more powerful variation by using console commands, looking it up, and including it to their inventory.

The tongue of Woe"s power is not limited to simply legend and also stories. In the base game of Skyrim, the is accurate the strongest weapon in the Dagger category. The blade of Woe has the highest base damage, but if players have actually the Dawnguard DLC, it will certainly be indistinguishable to the Dragonbone Dagger. However, the is additionally the slowest dagger. That high burst damages makes it favorable to stealthy players, however its DPS in common combat is inferior to various other daggers. Moreover, the Dragonbone Dagger also has a slightly reduced weight.

To upgrade anything in the Elder Scrolls games, players are required to gather specific materials i beg your pardon are supplied in the process. Usually, for weapons and also armors, ingots do from various metals room required.

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While most items can be upgraded in this way, some items cannot, particularly those which space unique. Fortunately, players deserve to upgrade the blade of sore at any grindstone to do it even an ext deadly. However, upgrading the tongue of woe does no require any material whatsoever.

In Oblivion, players are provided an unenchanted blade of Woe when they room invited to sign up with the Brotherhood. In Skyrim, there space multiple ways to get the dagger, consisting of one i m sorry doesn"t need joining the faction.

throughout the quest, "With Friends like These," players can simply death Astrid and loot the dagger off she body. Alternatively, they can pickpocket her using the Misdirection perk. Otherwise, players can gain the dagger as a reward throughout the Dark Brotherhood quest, "Death Incarnate." If players pickpocketed Astrid in ~ the abandoned Shack, climate they will certainly be rewarded with a duplicate of the dagger.

In Oblivion, players get the unenchanted variation of the Blade when they join. Various other than the name, the dagger shows up to it is in a constant Ebony Dagger. However, the unenchanted version of the blade have the right to still damage Ghosts and Wraiths if players usage it to attack them. Regardless of the enchantments, players deserve to still usage the dagger together an reliable weapon versus Ghosts.

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