How plenty of chances perform I obtain to end up being a vampire lord?

» Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:10 afternoon

I"m sided through the Dawnguard. I just gotten in the soul Cairn, and also chose no to come to be a vampire lord since I want to end up the Dawnguard questline, and get every one of their cool crossbow things. However, I would certainly love to end up being a vampire mr after completing the Dawnguard questline. There is no expressing any kind of spoilers, will I get much more chances to come to be a vampire lord within, or after the story? Also, how many chances will certainly I get? would I additionally be able come cure myself, and again come to be a vampire lord?

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» Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:46 afternoon

You passed increase the second chance due to the fact that you chose not to come to be a vampire lord. You might want to reload a conserve if you room really set on coming to be a vampire lord. And I don"t think that it will reason problems with the dawnguard questline if you select that option.

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That said, you can still end up being a continuous vampire.

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So, are you saying if ns continue, ns won"t get one more chance to become a VL? ns really want to complete the Dawnguard questline, I"ve gotten myself glued come the existing storyline, for this reason I"d yes, really rather continue with this guys, yet obviously together I said, I"d also like to become a VL. Do I no get one more chance after the storyline?

Seek out vampires, struggle them and get infected, survive and also wait 3 days. Don"t cure yourself.

EDIT! Snap - vampire mr :/ just the pure bloods have the right to do that, correctly you have actually missed her chance.. Ish? Didn"t she offer you vampirism also after the quest was done?

Well, i haven"t finished the spirit Cairn, yet. So, if she offers me the opportunity again after ~ the quest, and also I refuse, will certainly that it is in the last chance I"ll get?

You deserve to ask Serana to adjust you anytime you you re welcome after the Dawnguard DLC is done. Over there are limitless chances.

As lengthy as you have Serana, she will turn you as countless times together you want. You deserve to keep on law the rising At Dawn quest and also then go ago to gain VL *again* and repeat because that and also giggles if friend want.

Werewolf is the one where you acquire only 2 chances(well 1 if you counting doing it the pure way).

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Serana will offer you as numerous chances to end up being a Vampire Lord when you death Harkon at the end and as long as girlfriend don"t convince her to obtain cured of she vampirism. If she it s okay cured, 보다 you will shed the alternative for good. As well as that, friend will have infinite possibilities to it is in turned into a Vampire lord by Serana. You have the right to cure yourself and also become a vampire lord as plenty of times together you want.

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